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An adventurous Progressive / Symphonic Metal extravaganza convened by erstwhile NEPAL bassist Beto Vázquez. For the debut eponymous 2001 album Vázquez was able to assemble a whole array of international talent to fulfil his musical vision. For initial live work in South America Vázquez compiled an Argentinean band numbering former NEPAL colleagues drummer Marcelo Ponce and guitar player Javier Bagalá, HUMANIMAL guitarist Pablo Soler, SHANGRI LA singer Max Ditamo, flautist Lilah Bertolini, keyboard player Danilo Moschen and guitarist Gonzalo Iglesias. With this line up the group opened for NIGHTWISH in Buenos Aires during 2000, followed later the same year with a guest slot to LABYRINTH and VISION DIVINE. Unashamed to show their influences BETO VÁZQUEZ INFINITY would perform live cover versions of PINK FLOYD's 'High Hopes' and RHAPSODY's 'Land Of Immortals'.

In January of 2001 Ditamo returned to his former act SHANGRI LA. Vázquez drafted no less than three singers en masse as replacements in David Lazar, Diego Leone and Ailin Alybel. Donating their talents to recording the album would be STRATOVARIUS drummer Jorg Michael, RHAPSODY vocalist Fabio Leone, Candice Night of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT, Tarja Turunen of NIGHTWISH and Sabine Edelsbacher from EDENBRIDGE.

BETO VÁZQUEZ INFINITY recorded a version of JUDAS PRIEST's 'Freewheel Burning' for inclusion on a tribute album. Marking the return of BLACK SABBATH to the live stage for the Summer 2004 'Ozzfest' shows the Argentine label Blackstar Records issued a tribute album 'Sabbath Crosses: Tribute To Black Sabbath', this collection being noted for the band's version of 'Die Young'. In 2005 the band contributed their rendition of 'A Tout Le Monde' to a MEGADETH tribute album 'Hangar Of Souls' released by 2M Producciones.

BETO VÁZQUEZ INFINITY underwent line-up changes in November, drawing in new musicians guitarist Gerardo Elsegood and Norberto Roman on the drums. A second album, 'Flying Towards The New Horizon', arrived in October 2006. A monumental guest list of sessioneers included internationals Antti Railio of CELESTY, Sonia Pineault, of FORGOTTEN TALES, Aldo Lonobile of SECRET SPHERE, Quinn Weng of SERAPHIM, Nathor Andrade of DYNASTY plus Argentine musicians guitarists J.P. Kilberg of MAGICKA, Pablo G. Soler, Adrian Subotovsky, Lucas Pereyra and Carlos Ferrari, singers Diego Valdez of HIPNOSIS and EYDILION, Karina Varela of DOMINUS INFERI, Pato Larralde of SAURON, Sebastian Cast, Paula Margarittini, Luis Margarittini, Rocio Vilela, Julian Juarez, Nora Vázquez, Estefania Encina and Sony Bonini plus keyboard player Ramiro Escobar.

The project returned in 2008 with the album 'Darkmind'. The core studio band involved singers Jessica Lehto, Victor Rivarola and Karina Varela, guitarist Carlos Ferrari, programmer Lucas Pereyra plus drummer Norberto Roman. Guesting musicians included Sandra Schleret of ELIS, Marcela Bovio from STREAM OF PASSION, Eddy Antonini and Kiara of SKYLARK, Olaf Thorsen of VISION DIVINE, Pablo Soler, Manda Ophius and H.J De Jong from NEMESEA, Ivana Anic Lara of ANGELSEED, Rute Fevereiro of ENCHANTYA, Sabrina Carrion of HEAVENFALLS and Elisa Luna of GASTHOF ROSE.

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