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A Brisbane, Queensland Death Metal group. Vocalist / bassist Damon Robinson, drummer Anthony Dwyer and guitarist L. Kananghinis are also members of CARDINAL SIN. MISERY date back as far as 1988 issuing two demos 'Sorting Of The Insects' in 1992 and 'Astern Diabolous' in 1993. Their debut album, 'A Necessary Evil', followed the same year. Vocalist Darren Goulding parted ways with the band after support shows to Austrians PUNGENT STENCH and MISERY drafted Moises Contreras. The 1994 'Insidious' EP would feature Contreas but after theses sessions he too left. Bassist Damon Robinson took over the mantle of lead vocalist for the 1995's 'Dark Inspiration' single which led up to the sophomore 1997 album 'Revel In Blasphemy' cut for Warhead Records.

MISERY donated an exclusive cut of 'Holy Devil' to the Australian Metal compilation album 'Legions – Opening Of The Southern Gate' issued by Blacktalon Media in July of 2004.

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