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AUSTRALIA, New South Wales, Sydney

Date Formed 1992
Date Disbanded Dec/2002

Categories: Death Metal, Thrash Metal


Current Members

Past Members


CRYOGENIC, hailing from Sydney, made their first impressions in the early nineties as a Thrash Metal act, the formative membership comprising vocalist / guitarist Russell Player, lead guitarist Steve Essa, bass guitarist Anthony Henning and drummer Chad Bartosik. Although this version of the band demoed they would not progress beyond local compilation albums such as the inclusion of 'Take The Pain' on the 1995 collection 'Warhead Volume 1' and 'Intoxicated' on 1996's 'On Earth Undead'. New impetus was given with the introduction of drummer Darren Jenkin in 1996, the man known for his prior work for MORTALITY.

Following Australian support gigs to FEAR FACTORY in 1997 Player defected. Although their erstwhile singer had already laid down vocal sessions for a debut album 'Suspended Animation', these were wiped and Darren Maloney, another recruit from MORTALITY, re-recorded the album for release. Maloney's Death Metal leanings gave the band a new edge and 'Suspended Animation', released by the domestic Warhead label, would be promoted throughout 1998 with a series of valuable nationwide tours including guest slots to ENTOMBED, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and CRADLE OF FILTH. The band stepped up a league later that same year by undertaking European dates and, returning home to Australia, opening shows for SLAYER.

An appearance at the 1999 Sydney Big Day Out was to precede issue of a second Tony Jarrett produced album 'Ego-Noria', released by Extreme Music Australia Records. Media and fans began to detect distinct traces of Nu-Metal leanings in the band's sound but progress was unchecked as CRYOGENIC headlined the 'Metal For The Brain' festival and delivered a second 'Big Day Out' set in January 2000. Packaged with PSI-CORE and ALCHEMIST the group then embarked upon the 'World War Three' tour throughout March and into May. Later that same year Essa would act as stand in musician for PSI-KORE.

2001 proved relatively quiet bar a third showing at the Sydney 'Big Day Out'. It would be then learned that the band had parted ways with Maloney. He would be superseded by ex-HENRY'S ANGER man Steve Simmons, this enlistment signalling a shift toward more down tuned, Hardcore musical realms. Unfortunately this phase of the band's career was cut short when, in September of 2002, Simmons was seriously injured in an auto accident, forcing him out of the group. CRYOGENIC re-enlisted singer Ryan David in April of 2003. Before the close of the year the band had not only relocated to Los Angeles but adopted the new title IN THE NAME OF... Their inaugural gig as newly billed US residents would be in Hollywood during December supporting the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

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