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A truly innovative extreme Metal act. Brisbane's DEVOLVED contravene all attempts at genre definitions and, whilst remaining undeniably brutal, eschew standard time signatures and song structures. Operating on the outer limits of Metal DEVOLVED rapidly built a global appreciation from Rock followers searching for a band truly unafraid to experiment.

Formed in late 1996 by drummer John Sankey and guitarist Brett Noordin who as friends had a common interest in extreme music. Soon after bassist Joel Graham and Mark Walpole joined the duo and the song-writing process began. as a four-piece devolved played a number of shows in their local area of the Gold Coast, Australia. DEVOLVED have quickly moved to the forefront of the Australian Metal scene. In 1998 Nik Carpenter joined the band as full-time vocalist and the line up was complete. Very few live performances followed as DEVOLVED stayed behind closed doors to concentrate on writing material for a debut release.

In early 1999 a 2 track demo was recorded that became the most sought after release in the Australian underground Metal scene. The 2 songs, 'Fallen Cities' and 'Aversive Control' also began featured regularly on Australia's leading radio program Triple J, and various other radio stations. The songs also gained the band interest from high profile overseas record labels.

Devolved then entered Modern Music Studio's in Brisbane to began recording a full length album. Six months later they emerged with ten crushingly heavy, and severely erratic tracks that make up the classic slab of Metal, 'Technologies'. The album has recieved huge accolades in Australia since being released, including being named 'Best Metal Album for the year 2001' on Triple J radio and 'Best Metal Album' once again in Australia's 'Outsider' Metal magazine. Drummer John Sankey and vocalist Nik Carpenter were also voted 'Best Metal Drummer' and 'Best Metal Vocalist' respectively. DEVOLVED also performed recently with both FEAR FACTORY and DEVIN TOWNSEND/STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. Bassist Leighton Kearns has recently been added to the DEVOLVED line-up, replacing Joel Graham on bass duties.

'Technologies' was released in April 2002 through the UK Metal label Casket Music, a subsidiary of Copro Records. DEVOLVED undertook touring the UK, Europe and Japan throughout June-September 2002. However, with European gigs under way vocalist Nik Carpenter decamped mid tour. The 2004 DEVOLVED album 'Calculated', promoted with a video clip for the track 'Vex', would include a cover of METALLICA's 'Battery'. Subsequent tour dates included a support to MACHINE HEAD in Brisbane during October.

In 2005 John Sankey laid down session drums on LIMB FROM LIMB's 'Rip Him From His Fucking Throne' album. DEVOLVED relocated to Los Angeles in the USA in order to promote the band internationally. Line-up changes saw the recruitment of guitarist Brett Carpio and returning bass player Leighton Kearns. New man on vocals would be ex-DEADSETT frontman Kyle Zemanek.

The album 'Calculated' was set for release on 25th August 2009 via Unique Leader Records. However, this would be pushed back to January 2010. The set was mixed by producer / engineer Neil Kernon and was mastered by Alan Douches. Bonus tracks included a cover of METALLICA's 'Battery'.

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