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Melbourne, Victoria's ABOMINATOR was created during December 1994 as a duo made up of drummer / vocalist Chris "Volcano" Broadway, a previous member of DESTRȪYER 666, and guitarist / bassist Andrew "Undertaker" Gillon. The pair cut a six track demo session 'Barbarian War Worship' in May 1995 prior to assembling a full band for gigging purposes, new additions during that same year being vocalist / guitarist Deathsaw Dave, previously of GREYDAWN, and bassist Gary Gestapo. The following year Damon Bloodstorm, a former member of CORPSE MOLESTATION and having recently parted ways with BESTIAL WARLUST, rounded the band off by becoming ABOMINATOR's frontman.

Gestapo would decamp in 1997 as ABOMINATOR prepared for a second demo session 'The Conqueror Possessed'. Meantime, the original demo recordings would find their way onto a split EP issued in September by Path To Enlightenment and shared with Sweden's MORNALAND.

Deathsaw would make his exit, joining EXCARNATED, leaving ABOMINATOR as a trio. However, a deal with the American Necropolis concern was struck for recording of the debut album 'Damnation's Prophecy' which arrived in March 1999. For this release Bloodstorm and Volcano shared lead vocal duties. For a brief period ex-UNDINISM man Steve Culpitt (a.k.a. Steve Undinism / Haruko Yamashita) was brought in on bass but he would leave after recording of the follow up album 'Subversives For Lucifer'.

During recording of the sophomore album ABOMINATOR and Necropolis parted ways. The band was soon picked up by the French Osmose Productions Black Metal specialists for the issue of 'Subversives For Lucifer'. Vinyl editions hosted a bonus track, 'Urge To Retaliate'. Early 2001 saw the drafting of lead vocalist Max Krieg, formerly of New Zealand band COVEN, this version of the band debuting with live material submitted to the Osmose Productions 'World Domination' DVD. Ex-members Damon Bloodstorm and Steve Culpitt duly forged KUTABARE.

ABOMINATOR put in valuable support slots to MAYHEM during their Australian visit in September 2002 before drafting new bassist Valak Exhumer, a veteran of ANARAZEL and Auckland's COVEN, for recording of the album 'Nuctemeron Descent' and guest slots to INCANTATION. Chris Volcano would also be active with DENOUNCEMENT PYRE.

The group's profile in Europe rose higher with the release of the 'Nuctemeron Descent' album in December 2003. Osmose Productions issued a vinyl version, restricted to 500 copies. The band hit turbulent times in July of 2004 when vocalist Max Krieg opted out in order to relocate to New Zealand. Without a singer, ABOMINATOR were duly forced to withdraw from the previously announced Sydney 'Bloodfest' event. The band signed to Dutch label Displeased Records in early 2005.

2005 saw ABOMINATOR members Andrew Gillon and Damon Bloodstorm, alongside members from GUILD OF DESTRUCTION and DREADNAUGHT, forging a Death Metal side act branded CEMETERY URN.

The ABOMINATOR album 'The Eternal Conflagration' emerged in May 2006. Recording line-up, with sessions held at Jam Tin studios, comprised the trio Andrew Undertaker on vocals and guitar, Valak Exhumer on bass with Chris Volcano on drums and vocals. Die Todesrune Records handled a limited edition vinyl print.

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