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AUSTRALIA, Victoria, Melbourne

Date Formed 1992

Categories: Death Metal


Melbourne Death Metal unit initially formed under the title of ACHERON in 1988 by guitarist David Abbot. ACHERON issued the 1990 demo 'Eternal Suffering' and 1991 single 'Deprived Of Afterlife' on French label Corpsegrinder although shortly after Abbott, together with drummer Jason Dutton departed. The latter would be later found in CHRISTBAIT and, as 'Snorkelbender', in Thrash Black Metal act SITHLORD. The band pulled in replacements Mark Schilby on guitar and BLOOD DUSTER drummer Ewan Harriott as the band changed titles to ABRAMELIN in order to avoid confusion with the American ACHERON.

A 1994 mini album 'Transgression From Acheron' was followed by a full length album 'Abramelin', the latter including a cover version of DEAD CAN DANCE's 'Cantara'. The band travelled to Europe gaining exposure as support to NAPALM DEATH. In 1996 they backed CATHEDRAL and PARADISE LOST on their Australian dates.

During recording of ABRAMELIN's 'Deadspeak' album during 1998 the band split acrimoniously. Vocalist Simon Dower and guitarist Tim Aldridge regrouped pulling in DAMAGED drummer Matt Skitz for session work and re-recored the album from scratch for a 2000 release. The 2003 incarnation of ABRAMELIN would comprise Dower, Aldridge, second guitarist Matt Wilcock of STEEL AFFLICTION (also anonymously a member of THE BERZERKER) and bass player Grant Karajic.

Drummer Euan Harriott temporarily joined the ranks of BLACK MAJESTY for live work in July of 2004.

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