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AUSTRALIA, Victoria, Melbourne

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal


Notorious Melbourne Black Doom band. The unit was assembled by Damon 'Bloodstorm' Burr in 1990 titled CORPSE MOLESTATION evolving into BESTIAL WARLUST in 1992 following the demo 'Descension Of A Darker Deity'. The 1994 debut album 'Vengeance War 'Til Death' had Bloodstorm joined by guitarists K.K. Warslut and Joe Skullfucker, bassist Chris 'Corpsemolester' Hastings and drummer Markus Hellkunt. However, Warslut would make his exit to create the equally notorious DESTRȪYER 666.

The band's line-up for their 'Blood And Honour' debut featured Bloodstorm, Hellcunt and Skullfucker alongside fresh recruits guitarists Battleslaughter and bass player Fiend Of The Deep. BESTIAL WARLUST underwent a further line-up change after the second album with bassist Inferno joining but the band would fold soon after. Ex-bassist Chris Hastings would feature in such acts as BETRAYER, RAZOR OF OCCAM and UK outfit ADORIOR. Hastings subsequently joined London based New Zealanders DEMONIAC.

Damon Bloodstorm created ABOMINATOR for the 1999 album 'Damnations Prophecy'. Markus Hellcunt joined ANATOMY. In March of 2001 Bloodstorm joined up with Death Metal band KUTABARE in alliance with UNDINISM and ABOMINATOR credited bassist Steve Culpitt (a.k.a. Steve Undinism / Haruko Yamashita) and UNDINISM guitarist Sean Sevantez.

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