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Quite uniquely Melbourne's BLOOD DUSTER have somehow managed to mould lethal Grindcore with traditional 70's Southern Rock and Rockabilly rhythms spiced up with a large dose of grossed out humour. The band, often performing naked onstage, opened up with an inaugural 1990 line-up of bassist Jason 'P.C.' Fuller, drummer Brick and a guitarist (possibly) called Fred, opened up proceedings with the 1992 demo 'Menstrual Soup'. Guest vocals on the closing track 'Swine In Shit' came courtesy of Leigh Cornish. Brick would be forced into retiring from music suffering with a badly injured knee whist Fred (?) reportedly also retired but in his case to a mental home!

BLOOD DUSTER signed to Wild Rags Records in America for a proposed first album. However, the record 'Fisting The Dead', would eventually emerge on the domestic Dr. Jim label. Line up at this stage comprised of Jason P.C., drummer Shane Rout, vocalist Tony Forde and guitarist Brad. However, Rout would break ranks to join Black Metal band LORD LUCIFER at the same time as Brad made his exit.

Second outing 'Yeest', replete with a deliberately shocking medical photograph for a cover and apparantly so named as to copy exactly another local act's album title, would be re-issued by Relapse in America combined with the previous mini-album. Fin Allman was now on guitar with ORDER OF CHAOS man Matt Rizzo on drums.

For 1998's 'Str8 Outta Northcote' Rout made a return on drums as Allman departed. BLOOD DUSTER then drafted NO GRACE six stringer Matt 'Lowpartz' Collins, second guitarist Josh ('J.J. La Whore') of POD PEOPLE and reinstituted Rizzo. The quaintly titled 'Cunt' album sees a cover of IMPETIGO's 'Dis-Organ-Ized'. The band signed to the French label Season Of Mist for an eponymous January 2004 album. Topping the year would be an appearance at METALLICA headlined 'The Big Day Out' festival plus support dates to THE HAUNTED. A single, 'Six Six Sixteen', employed a sleeve photograph mimicking the debut W.A.S.P. album. Australian gigs in June would be curtailed when Tony Forde shattered his collarbone and received a head would requiring stitches at a gig in Geelong.

In side activity, both Fuller and La Whore were members of MEGAWATT WINGED AVENGER whilst Bassist Jason P.C. also operated Stoner band DERN RUTLIDGE. BLOOD DUSTER personnel would also be engaged with THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING.

BLOOD DUSTER supported SLAYER and MASTODON on April 15th 2007 at the Vodafone Arena in Melbourne. The album release that year, 'Lyden Na', was credited to Tone Bone Silver on "vokillz", Jason P.C. "basstard", M-Lo "rhythmically guitarded", Belt Thrower "lead guitarmageddon" and Rizzo "drumbasfuck".

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