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MORTIFICATION initially made their mark on the international scene by being, initially, one of a handful of Christian extreme Metal bands. Their evangelistic message was as uncompromising as their music which gave no concessions when pitted against more familiar acts of the genre. Melbourne frontman Steve Rowe cut his teeth with the more mainstream Metal act LIGHTFORCE created in 1987. American label Pure Metal released their debut 1989 album 'Mystical Thieves' as LIGHTFORCE guested for STRYPER on their Australian tour the same year.

1990 Rowe founded MORTIFICATION with guitarist Michael Carlisle and drummer Jayson Sherlock soon signing a deal with American label Intense. MORTIFICATION's sense of industry saw the rapid release of 'Break The Curse', 'Scrolls Of Megilloth' plus the live video 'Grind Planets' and a set up to German label Nuclear Blast for Europe.

MORTIFICATION toured America in 1992 with former VENGEANCE RISING drummer Johnny Vasquez. Rowe had guested as backing vocalist for the fourth VENGEANCE RISING album 'Released Upon The Earth'. Album sales increased with 'Post Momentary Affliction' surpassing the 30'000 sales mark in Europe alone. MORTIFICATION switched drummers once more in 1994 bringing in Phil Gibson for their sixth album 'Blood World'. This feat coincided with Rose's first novel 'Minstrel'.

1995 found MORTIFICATION splintering but with American tour commitments Rose employed Canadian musicians Jason Campbell and Dave Kellogg on guitars and drummer Bill Price for the 'Primitive Rhythm Machine' outing. The band added ex-DELIVERANCE guitarist George Ochoa to record the 'EnVision EvAngelene' record. Rowe was diagnosed with leukemia in 1996 but this has hardly affected the band's work ethic. For 1998's 'Triumph Of Mercy' album on new label Metal Blade Rowe was joined by guitarist Lincoln Bowen and drummer Keith Bannister. Interestingly MORTIFICATION's first drummer Jayson Sherlock provided the artwork for the album.

The band enrolled new guitarist Mick Jelinic on guitar and a new man on the drums in Adam Zaffarese. The latter would be superseded by the RAGEWAR, DIMENTIA, CATWITCH and CYBERGRIND credited Mike Forsberg in 2003. The band's twelfth album, entitled 'Brain Cleaner', was set for a February 2004 release through Rowe Productions. The band confirmed an appearance at the first international 'Revolution Metal Fest' held at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico on November 20th alongside fellow Christian artists NARNIA, STRYPER, MORTIFICATION and EXOUSIA. Drummer Mike Forsberg exited in June 2005 as the band were in preperation for an album given an unlikely working title of 'Impaling The Goblin'. This would be changed, apparently so as not to cause offence to "European Orientals", to 'Erasing The Goblin'.

MORTIFICATION announced the addition of drummer Damien Percy to the group's ranks in February 2006. The band teamed up with an all-Christian package comprising NARNIA, ROB ROCK and EXOUSIA for a South and Central American tour in November 2006 hitting Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica.

In January 2009 Steve Rowe announced the next MORTIFICATION album was to be called 'The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine'. Dave Kilgallon exited to prioritise recording on SCOURGED FLESH and GRAVE FORSAKEN albums and was replaced by a returning Adam Zaffarese.

MORTIFICATION's 'Twenty Years In The Underground' release featured five re-recorded archive tracks, 'Nocturnal', 'Grind Planetarium', 'Impulsation', 'Hammer Of God' and 'The Majestic Infiltration Of Order', alongside 15 rare live tracks, including material from the band's very first concert in June 1990.

In August 2009 Steve Rowe announced the formation of a solo project band dubbed WONROWE VISION. For this venture he would be joined by former MORTIFICATION guitarist Lincoln Bowen and drummer Andrew Esnouf.

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