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AUSTRALIA, Victoria, Melbourne

Date Formed 1990

Categories: Christian Metal, Doom, Doom Death


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Highly respected Australian outfit PARAMAECIUM's first rumblings upon the international Doom scene came with the Death styled 'Silent Carnage' demo. PARAMAECIUM's 1994 debut, 'Exhumed Of The Earth' issued by the R.E.X. label was explicit in its lyrical narrative telling of the exploits of Christ leaving no doubt as to the band's spiritual bent. The line up for this recording comprised Andrew Tompkins on vocals, guitarist Jason De Ron and MORTIFICATION drummer Jayson Sherlock. The evangelical theme carried over into the group's sophomore effort 'Within The Ancient Forest', this time the album theme being Tompkins conversion to his faith. By this juncture Chris Burton had augmented PARAMAECIUM on second guitar.

A stop gap EP, 'Repentence', comprised of tracks from the 'Silent Carnage' demo plus 1994 outtakes. The 1999 album 'A Time To Mourn' features PARAMAECIUM as a trio of Tompkins, Mark Orr on drums and a guesting Ian Arkley of ASHEN MORTALITY and SEVENTH ANGEL. After a six year absence guitarist Jason De Ron rejoined the band in mid 2002.

In 2004 ex-PARAMAECIUM member Jason De Ron was learned to be active with an all new project dubbed ALTERA ENIGMA, a union with Jeff of Indonesian act KEKAL.

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