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Extremely stark Black Metal exponents ABIGOR, mentored by avowed Satanist Peter K, have stoically released a steady stream of uncompromising albums since their debut. The band takes its title from the Goetic demon commander also known as Eligor. ABIGOR originated in Dobermannsdorf with a line-up of drummer T.T. (a.k.a. Thomas Tannenberger), guitarist 'Virus666 P.K.' (a.k.a. Peter Kubik) and vocalist Rune, the latter switching his stage name to Tharen. Kubik and Tannenberger had a prior history back to childhood, both performing in 1990 with outfits such as TO MEGA THERION and IN SIN.

With this incarnation ABIGOR, visually falling in with the familiar characterisation of corpsepaint, cowls and medieval weaponry, cut four demos starting with autumn 1993's 'Ash Nazg' and the December follow up 'Lux Devicta Est', an eponymous February 1994 effort and then 'Moon Rise' in March of the same year before Tharen departed.

The band utilised the services of Silenius (a.k.a. Michael Gregor) from SUMMONING for a further 1994 tape billed as 'In Hate And Sin', which, although not made available for public consumption, landed ABIGOR a deal with the Napalm label. The inaugural album offering, 'Verwüstung: Invoke The Dark Age', would set the scene for further releases. Indeed, its lyrical stance, and deliberately inflammatory remarks against Christianity in interviews by band members, created tribulation even prior to release, the Austrian authorities objections causing a delay in issue date by several months. Originally slated for a summer 1994 arrival, 'Verwüstung: Invoke The Dark Age' finally hit the market that November. The initial manufacturing run of 5000 copies came in a monochrome sleeve before a coloured variant then took over.

During the Spring of 1995 ABIGOR would re-record an earlier demo track 'Shadowlord' for inclusion on the Napalm compilation 'With Us Or Against Us Volume 1'. That same year Kubik, billed as DECEMBER FOG, released the 1995 project demo 'In The Realm Of Ancient Shadows'.

ABIGOR's 'Orkblut: The Retaliation: Storming Onwards On Pagan Paths', a 25 minute saga relating the lifespan of a pagan warrior recorded in November 1994, introduced ambient passages, making for a harsh division of sound between the militaristic metal and sedate segueways, opening with a spoken narrative and closing with a poignant flute finale 'Langsam verhallte des Lebens Schmerz'.

'Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)', cut at Tonstudion Hörnix with co-producer Georg Hrauda in late May 1994, succeeded in the Austrian Black Metal scene a new focus internationally. The latter record scored attention for its inclusion of female singer Elisabeth Toriser, of ANTICHRISIS and DOMINION, marking ABIGOR out as one of the pioneers in this combination of During November 1995 the band recorded the first installment of the grandiose 'Opus IV' record, 'Horns Lurk From Beyond The Stars', then crafted the second chapter, billed 'Blut Aus Aeonen' in May 1996. The group's intention was to put out a brace of EPs but Napalm combined the two sessions to forge 'Opus IV'. A mini-album, 'Apokalypse', recorded in just two days, followed. None of these records would signal any leanings towards commercialism.

ABIGOR and AMESTIGON members founded the Chaos Metal project HEIDENREICH during 1998. The same year the band issued two limited editions, the totally instrumental 'Structures Of Immortality' 7" EP in September, restricted to 500 copies, and a compilation of the early demo recordings 'Origo Regium 1993-1994', limited to 1000 units These releases swiftly sold out.

The full-length album 'Supreme Immortal Art' marked a creative transition for ABIGOR, employing a greater use of keyboards, courtesy of Kubik's wife, Lucia Mariam Faroutan. Whilst recording, Tannenberger was arrested on narcotics related charges, leaving Kubik to finish off the album. Although symphonic in design, the final mix complimented the synthesizers to the detriment of the percussion, resulting in an unfortunate greater swing away from their trademark rawness than was intended.

As ABIGOR set to work on the 1999 offering 'Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan' Silenius opted to decamp, voicing concern over the group's new direction. The erstwhile frontman swiftly forged KREUZWEG OST, an Industrial concept in league with Martin Schrienk of PUNGENT STENCH. Meantime, 'Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan', having its cover graced by Albrecht Dürer's 1514 woodcut 'The Knight, Death and The Devil', was completed by enrolling Thurisaz of HEIDENREICH as the band's new vocalist. In May of 2000 ABIGOR would lose another founder member as T.T. made his exit. Moritz Neuner, a veteran campaigner of ANGRY ANGELS, KOROVA, EVENFALL and DORNENREICH duly filled the vacancy.

The 2000 'In Memory...' EP features covers of SLAYER's 'Crionics' and KREATOR's 'Terrible Certainty', originally cut for Dwell Records tribute albums. The cover art, a graphic representation of an evisceration, was naturally banned affording the band plenty of press coverage. The EP was reissued with fresh cover artwork and two extra songs. The 'Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)' album was released in March 2001.

The group would spend much of 2001 recording a new album provisionally entitled 'Warmachine (Angels Fall)'. The band subsequently enrolled Stefan Fiori of Italian Gothic Black Metal band GRAVEWORM as their new singer in April of 2002 and it seemed a rare live outing for ABIGOR would be in prospect for July when it was revealed the band had scheduled a performance at the 'Skeleton Bash' festival in Innsbruck, Austria. However, an injury suffered by guitarist Peter Kubik curtailed this event. In the aftermath of this non-event ABIGOR put out an official statement claiming they would never play live. Although by mid 2002 'Warmachine (Angels Fall)' had still not surfaced, reports emerged of a further ABIGOR release to be entitled 'The Dead White Moonlight Songs'. The group then signalled the imminent delivery of a split 7" single, a re-recorded 'Dawn Of Human Dust', in collaboration with BELPHEGOR. All of these mooted releases never transpired and the only material to surface, belatedly in 2004, was a 7" single through Dark Horizon Records billed 'Shockwave 666'.

Peter Kubik dissolved ABIGOR in June of 2003 explaining his decision with the statement "I simply can't identify myself, nor ABIGOR with today's Black Metal genre anymore". Silenius, Kubik and Neuner founded ST. LUCIFER in late 2003. Moritz Neuner joined Italian act GRAVEWORM in early 2004 and as that year closed joined veteran German act ATROCITY.

In March 2006 Peter Kubik placed both his HELLBOUND and ST. LUCIFER projects on hold and reformed ABIGOR. With Lukas Lindenberger on drums, Kubik also extended an offer of reformation to former band personnel T.T., Thurisaz and Silenius. Drawing in Sethnacht Eligor (a.k.a. Alexander Hornung) as new vocalist, a fresh ABIGOR album was projected to be titled 'Fractal Possession'. Sethacht's tradition included studio association with DOMINUS SATANAS, HELLBOUND, ESCHATON and BLOOD STAINED plus live activity with EWIG FROST, INCINERATION and IN SLUMBER. However, before sessions commenced both Lindenberger and Eligor were out of the picture.

During October ABIGOR announced signature with End All Life Records. That same month French imprint Chaos Sacrum Records re-issued the 1994 set 'Orkblut - The Retaliation' as a limited edition vinyl collectable. 400 copies were pressed in heavyweight black vinyl, 100 in black and white splatter pattern and 250 picture discs. In december announced the intended release of a 7" vinyl limited edition demo box featuring the demos 'Ash Nazgh...', 'Lux Devicta Est', 'Promo-Tape II/94"'and 'Moonrise'.

'Fractal Possession' emerged in May 2007 through End All Life Productions.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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