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Graz based Black Metal quartet ASMODEUS, not to be confused with their Czech counterparts of the same title, were founded in 1999, originally billd as DIABOLUS. The initial line up cited two former MORTAL FEAR and colleagues in vocalist / bassist Desdemon and guitarist Tyr alongside second guitarist Lestat and erstwhile AMON and VANGUARD drummer Ashrak. The band, with members Hart and Dagoth onboard too, weighed in with a December 1998 self financed five track EP 'Supreme Surender' which included a cover version of DISMEMBER's 'Casket Garden' as a closing track.

The band would debut live, in their hometown supporting THIRD MOON, during November of 1999. 2001 witnessed two further EP releases in January's 'As The Winter Moon Bleeds' and November's 'Embers Of Aeon'. The latter would be picked up by the Portuguese Ogham label for a projected limited edition 2002 re-issue proposed to feature extra tracks.

ASMODEUS would replace a vacating Lestat with guitarist Naroth, a veteran of DELICTUM, in early 2002. The band united with BELPHEGOR, ARKHON INFAUSTUS and IN AETERNUM for the 'Goetreich - Fleshcult Europa Tour Pt. I' dates in April 2005. The band supported DARK FUNERAL and NAGLFAR in Europe during March 2006.

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