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AUSTRIA, Klagenfurt

Date Formed 1987

Categories: Avant-Garde Metal, Grindcore, Progressive Death Metal


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DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, among the first European bands to tour Israel, as their name implies are an experimental trio unafraid to mix Metal with Rap and Grindcore. The band was founded in Klagenfurt during 1987 by vocalist/ guitarist Patrick Klopf and drummer Martin Messner. Two demos resulted in 1987 'The Unequalled Visual Response Mechanism' and 'Requiem For The Forrest' before bassist Harald Bezek departed.

The band drafted Herwig Zamernik in for live dates and soon scored a deal with German extreme label Nuclear Blast. The firsts fruits of this union was a split album with fellow Austrians PUNGENT STENCH and an EP 'Successive Substition'.

In order to promote their first full length album 'Expositions Prophylaxe' the trio set out on a series of German festival dates with ATROCITY, CARCASS, ENTOMBED and PUNGENT STENCH. A club tour of America ensued on a billing including AUTOPSY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, IMMOLATION and REPULSION. 1992 was sealed with European dates with ENTOMBED and SINISTER.

Signing to the SPV Steamhammer label, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA issued the 1994 'Pleasuredome' album before calling it a day. Some 8 year laters the band reformed announcing the recording of a fresh studio album billed as 'Ahead' for 2002 release.

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