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SEPULTURA rank as the undisputed leaders of Brazilian bands on the international Rock scene. Created in Belo Horizonte during 1983, SEPULTURA's initial albums were timed perfectly to benefit from the Thrash explosion of the early 80's. Although the act's early albums were far from sensational the fact that the band more than looked the part allied to their professed influences of British Punk and American Metal stood them in good stead until the breakthrough 'Arise' album.

The band took on typical Death Metal nom de guerres for the early part of their career, Max Cavalera being known as "Max Possessed", Jairo Guedez calling himself "Tormentor", Igor Cavalera as "Igor Skull Crusher" and Paulo Xisto Pinto Junior known as "Destructor". Driven by pure enthusiasm, the poverty stricken teenagers being straight out of school, SEPULTURA was motivated by unfashionable European Thrash and US death Metal. Having delivered their first concert at the Barroliche Club in Belo Horizonte in 1984, during which Igor Cavalera's "drum kit" comprised a woeful snare drum, floor tom and one cymbal, SEPULTURA was on their way. Paulo Jr. was inducted for a gig at the Santa Teresa Ideal Clube in March 1985, the world first learned of SEPULTURA later that year when they shared vinyl on a split album, 'Bestial Devastation' through local record store Cogumelo Records, shared with another local outfit OVERDOSE's 'Século XX' sessions.

These songs had been committed to an 8 track recorder at JG Studios in Belo Horizonte that August, self-produced by the band with engineer João Guimarães manning the desk. Opening with a lycanthropic slurred growl billed as 'The Curse', SEPULTURA's debut would have proven remarkable if launched in Europe or Scandinavia. Hellishly raw, as dictated by their youth and inexperience, 'Bestial Devastation' offered primal Death Metal with, arguably, the world's very first example of the now famed blast beat drum technique in the track 'Antichrist'. Despite the studio restrictions, Max Cavalera's guttural rasp neutered by an extreme degree of echo and guitars completely out of tune, 'Bestial Devastation' would certainly stand the test of time.

Reported domestic sales of some 15,000 copies were deemed a success and both bands were offered an extension on the contract. A full length album then ensued, 'Morbid Visions', arriving in 1986. Eduardo Santos and Zé "Heavy" Luiz now guided the teens in the confines of Estudio Vice Versa, Belo Horizonte. Given seven days space in which to work, SEPULTURA drew from both extreme spectrums of Death Metal and Thrash Metal. Again the production values were haphazardly sloppy and the influences worn plainly, making the whole edict contrived yet honest, but the ferocity summoned up could not be denied. Still very much an underground act, SEPULTURA's inaugural US release came courtesy of New Renaissance Records, the imprint owned by HELLION's Ann Boleyn issuing 'Morbid Visions' the following year.

Jairo Guedez was superseded following 'Morbid Visions' by erstwhile PRESILENCE man Andreas Kisser. Impressing sufficiently by an audition process jamming out KREATOR and DESTRUCTION songs, the new guitarist first stepped onstage with the band in May 1987 in Caruaru, Pernambuco. Jairo would at first announce he no longer had any interest in Metal but emerged in 1989 as a member of Thrashers THE MIST for the 'Phantasmagoria' album. The band had other SEPULTURA connections with vocalist Vladimir Korg, previously with CHAKAL, credited for the lyrics to SEPULTURA's 'To The Wall' and bassist Marcelo Diaz being a SEPULTURA roadie. Kisser had risen through the ranks of local amateur Metal bands such as ESFINGE, an outfit that took on covers by acts such as SLAYER and JUDAS PRIEST before injecting original material and retitling themselves PESTILENCE.

Utilising JG Studios once again in August 1987 SEPULTURA, together with engineer Tasro Senra, crafted the 'Schizophrenia' album. The album title was apt indeed, SEPULTURA laying down a deluge of riffage culminating in the titanic 'From The Past Comes The Storm', this leviathan writhing through multiple tempo changes and a volley of riffs that many acts would have difficulty conjuring up in an entire career. Adding a little colour to the Thrash barrage would be violinist Paolo Gordo and keyboard player Henrique of POLISO ALTO. Shark Records took on the German license.

Enthusiastic supporters Borivoj Krgin and Don Kaye, US based journalists, arranged meeting between Max Cavalera and record labels in New York. Having disguised himself as a Pan Am employee in order to make the flight from Brazil, Max Cavalera arrived in North America armed with a bag full of 'Schizophrenia' cassettes. After numerous rejections, Monte Connor at Roadrunner Records took a chance on the band.

September 1989's 'Beneath The Remains' signalled the first move away from the standard Thrash fare. Laid down in nine overnight sessions in December 1988 at Nas Nuvens Studio, Rio de Janiero the end result was mixed in Florida by Scott Burns. Importantly, international exposure affected the band's overall sound, this being particularly felt in the lyrical department, which had been up to this juncture often imbued with some degree of hilarity due to poor command of English. Lyrics to 'Stronger Than Hate' would be contributed by ATHEIST's Kelly Shaefer, the man, alongside OBITUARY's John Tardy plus Scott Latour and Francis Howard of INCUBUS, also donating backing vocals. As a true entrance onto the global scene, Roadrunner Records now distributing the band's product into the USA, 'Beyond The Remains' was a mighty introduction, a caustic Thrashfest viewed by many as the creative pinnacle of their career to date.

The band's first taste of international live work came in September 1989, opening for SODOM in Vienna, Austria before tackling gigs in the USA, headlining the East Coast with FAITH OR FEAR as support, and Mexico. Their biggest concert to date was held on June 4th 1990 in front of 26,000 at the Dutch Dynamo festival, here meeting SACRED REICH manager Gloria Bujnowski who then took on the Brazilians business affairs. SEPULTURA had become national heroes in Brazil putting in a worthy performance at the January 1991 'Rock In Rio' festival sharing the same stage at the Maracana stadium in front of 50,000 fans with major league international acts GUNS N' ROSES, JUDAS PRIEST and MEGADETH. To commemorate this occasion an unprecedented decision was taken to rush release a limited edition rough mix version of their forthcoming album 'Arise', now a hugely collectable item. The band subsequently played a free outdoor concert in Sao Paulo in the Charles Muller Square drawing over 40,000 fans. Tragically an audience member was murdered, this event tarnishing the band's name in Brazil amongst authorities.

It was to be 'Arise', released in March 1991 with cover artwork, depicting the mutated Yog-Sothoth, from noted Sci-Fi artist Michael Whelan, took SEPULTURA into new realms of creativity. Also new on the visual front would be the now world famous bone 'S' logo, executed by old friend Bozo, singer of OVERDOSE. The band had extricated itself from the familiar run of the mill Thrash acts to create a quite unique album, travelling to Tampa, Florida to record at the fabled Morrisound Recording with Scott Burns at the helm. Spin off singles included 'Third World Chaos', 'Under Siege' and 'Dead Embryonic Cells'.

By now the act's raucous live shows were also beginning to build a solid fanbase. UK headline shows in June saw SACRED REICH as strong support act and, spreading their reach, the group also put in shows in Australia and Indonesia, playing to over 100,000 fans at just two concerts. SEPULTURA played a brace of concerts in Mexico during December 1991 supported by MAKINA and TRANSMETAL. With interest rising in Europe, Germany's Shark Records re-packaged 'Morbid Visions' as a split album shared with METAL CONQUEST. Roadrunner Records also re-issued 'Schizophrenia', re-mastering the entire set and adding a newly recorded version of 'Troops Of Doom' for good measure.

On 1st March 1992 the band, complete with Andreas Kisser sporting retaining rods in a broken arm, put in a pre-European tour "secret" gig at the small Amersham Arms pub in London billed as THIRD WORLD POSSE. The group also figured on the landmark BLACK SABBATH reunion gigs at Costa Mesa, California on November 14th and 15th.

September 1993's 'Chaos A.D.' saw SEPULTURA stripping down their sound to Punk basics, gearing down into proto-Groove Metal. The band's lyrical stance now became far more openly political, even to such an extent as collaborating with Jello Biafra of DEAD KENNEDYS on the 1:52 minute speed-burst of 'Biotech Is Godzilla'm and faithfully covering NEW MODEL ARMY's 'The Hunt'. Other poignant statements fuelled 'Kaiowas', an acoustic lament for a native tribe that committed mass suicide, and 'Manifest', the latter concerning a police massacre at the Pavilhao Nove prison in São Paulo. Versions of 'Chaos A.D.' also came with a bonus track, 'Polí­cia', originally by TITÃS.

America too was now coming under the SEPULTURA spell and 'Chaos A.D.', a truly landmark album backed by singles 'Territory', with a promotional video shot in Israel, 'Refuse/Resist' and 'Slave New World', broke the Billboard charts. UK shows in December saw Halifax's PARADISE LOST as opening act. Live strategies took SEPULTURA to even further destinations such as Russia.

In 1994 Max Cavalera and FUDGE TUNNEL's Alex Newport developed NAILBOMB as a parallel project. The resulting 'Point Blank' album saw participation from Andreas Kisser, Igor Cavalera and FEAR FACTORY's Dino Cazares.

This alliance segued into the SEPULTURA game plan as demos for the 'Roots' album were recorded by Alex Newport. SEPULTURA then took the brave step of recording tracks deep in the Brazilian jungle with the Xavante indians. The resulting album, issued in February 1996, took the band's aesthetic into totally new areas of operation as they offered the Rock world an album of unrelenting Metal infused with their own cultural heritage and ethnicity. 'Roots', closing out with an unlisted 13 minute epic 'Canyon Jam', proved to be their biggest seller to date going top 5 in Britain. SEPULTURA channeled their ferocity away from inventive riffing and into slabbed chords, such as 'Dictatorshit', 'Endangered Species' and the street anthem 'Roots Bloody Roots' would be punctuated by native drumming passages 'Jasco', 'Itsári' and the pounding 'Ratamahatta'. The digipack option was boosted by 'Chaos B.C.', the BLACK SABBATH cover 'Symptom Of The Universe', which was previously available on October 1994's 'Nativity In Black' tribute record, and a live take of 'Kaiowas'. Another elaborate wooden box package included a video, necklace and even candles.

With 'Roots' having carved its position as one of the most important metal releases, SEPULTURA were now at the top of their game. However, in late 1996 fans and media were shocked to learn of Max Cavalera's sudden departure. Max would front SEPULTURA for the last time on December 16th 1996 at the London Brixton Academy. Cavalera returned to the fore in quick fashion, touting new combo SOULFLY, not only taking producer Ross Robinson and manager Gloria Bujnowski with him but also retaining his Roadrunner deal and recruiting former SEPULTURA roadie Marcello D. Rapp on bass guitar.

1997's filler album 'Blood Rooted' gave fans more than the usual interim product in anticipation of the new look SEPULTURA and SOULFLY albums. Featured were a barrage of live tracks and also the cut 'Mine' with FAITH NO MORE's Mike Patton on lead vocals plus 'Lookaway' with KORN's Jonathon Davis and Patton once more. Other rare cuts included the band's cover of CELTIC FROST's 'Procreation (Of The Wicked)', DEAD KENNEDY's 'Drug Me', BOB MARLEY's 'War' and BLACK SABBATH's 'Symptom Of The Universe'. Another release of interest that same year was the re-mastered 'Beneath The Remains', this adding a cover version of 'A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer' originally by OS MUTANTES.

With the media attention firmly focused on SOULFLY for a lengthy period the spotlight was pointed firmly back into the SEPULTURA camp when it was announced that Cavalera's position had finally been filled. The new recruit was the black goliath Derrick Leon Green, formerly of Cleveland Ohio Hardcore acts ALPHA JERK, OVERFIEND and OUTFACE. Interestingly Green had featured on OUTFACE's 1996 album 'Friendly Green' billed as "Simon Verde".

The Howard Benson produced 'Against', released in August 1998, continued the tradition of tribalism with the inclusion of the Japanese Kodo drummers on the track 'Kamaitachi'. A reworking of the track, retitled 'Diary Of A Drug Fiend' with vocals from FAITH NO MORE's Mike Patton, was at the last minute removed from the album for fear of a sales backlash due to it's lyrical content. The finished album did include though a rare appearance outside of METALLICA for Jason Newsted appearing as guitarist and guest vocalist for the track 'Hatred Aside'.

In May 1999 SEPULTURA supported METALLICA on a series of shows across Brazil, Porto Alegre Hipodromo do Cristal on the 6th, Anhembi Parking Lot, São Paulo on the 8th and Clube De Regatas Do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, on the 9th. At the latter concert Jason Newsted jammed with SEPULTURA during their set on the song 'Hatred Aside'. The band tested the waters with North American shows billed as TROOPS OF DOOM. SEPULTURA proper got to grips with promoting the 'Against' album properly with an American support tour opening for SLAYER.

The single from the album 'Choke' featured versions of BAD BRAINS tracks 'Gene Machine' and 'Don't Bother Me'. The also band contributed a track to the 1999 BAD BRAINS tribute album 'Never Give In'. Green meantime turned up as a guest on INTEGRITY 2000's self titled album of the same year. In April of 2000 Swedish label Black Sun released a SEPULTURA tribute 'Sepulchral Feast' which included honours paid by artists such as SACRAMENTUM, SWORDMASTER, DEATHWITCH, GARDENIAN, CHILDREN OF BODOM, LORD BELIAL, DEFLESHED, THE CROWN and IMPIOUS.

SEPULTURA returned in 2001 with the Steve Evetts produced 'Nation' album. Recorded in Brazil the record saw such diverse guest performances from JELLO BIAFRA on 'Politricks', Reggae artist Dr. Israel, the noted Finnish cello quartet APOCALYPTICA on the mellow 'Valtio' and HATEBREED's Jamey Jasta.

March of 2002 brought the news that drummer Igor Cavalera was pursuing a side venture in league with BIOHAZARD guitarist Billy Graziadei and Brazilian DJ Patife. Other outside activies found Cavalera and guitarist Andreas Kisser credited with material for a soundtrack album entitled 'No Coracao Dos Deuses'. Originally cut in 1999 the recordings would be made available in Europe by Mascot Records. The material includes a guest appearance from ex-FAITH NO MORE frontman Mike Patton on the track 'Procura O Cara'. Meantime, Max Cavalera's last concert with SEPULTURA was slated for a September 2002 release under the title 'Under A Pale Grey Sky'.

SEPULTURA's Brazilian dates in the summer would be topped off by a landmark performance at São José dos Campos in front of a 10,000 capacity crowd. BIOHAZARD guitarist Billy Graziadei joined the band onstage for renditions of MOTÖRHEAD's 'Iron Fist' and the TITÃS track 'Polícia'. Another mammoth gig, in São Paulo on June 29th, would find over twelve high ranking Brazilian acts including KORZUS, NECROMANCIA, and CLAUSTROFOBIA paying homage to SEPULTURA by performing over 50 SEPULTURA songs. Meantime an ex-SEPULTURA man, guitarist Jairo Guedz, announced his return to the fray as bassist with a new act entitled EMINENCE.

SEPULTURA would unveil plans for their return with word of a proposed Brazilian exclusive EP of cover versions. Among the tracks set for inclusion would be HELLHAMMER's 'Messiah', PUBLIC ENEMY's 'Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos' with guesting Rappers SABOTAGE and DJ ZE GONZALES, JANE'S ADDICTION's 'Mountain Song', DEVO's 'Mongoloid', EXODUS' Thrash classic 'Pirhana' and 'Bullet The Blue Sky' by U2. The video for the latter track would scoop the Brazilian MTV award for 'Best Direction of Photography'.

During September guitarist Andreas Kisser took time out of the band's schedule to perform live on the Brazilian club circuit with a new Blues based solo venture. The group would take another diversion by contributing music to the Brazilian movie 'Lisbela E O Prisioneiro' with the ZE RAMALHOS cover 'Dança das Borboletas'. SEPULTURA scheduled 'Roorback' as the title for a 2003 full length album, recorded in São Paulo with producer Steve Evetts. The band opened a co-headline US tour with Canadians VOIVOID in San Francisco, California on 18th April.

A collaboration between former FAITH NO MORE and current FANTÓMAS and TOMAHAWK man Mike Patton and SEPULTURA, 'The Waste', would be included on the soundtrack to Horror movie 'Freddy Vs. Jason' in August. The track was recorded during 1998's 'Against' sessions. SEPULTURA united with British Rock stalwarts DEEP PURPLE and THE HELLACOPTERS for four major Kaiser Music Festival Brazilian shows in September.

Andreas Kisser cut a cover version of JOHN LENNON's anthem 'Give Peace A Chance' for inclusion on a Brazilian tribute album entitled 'De Uma Chance A Paz' in January of 2004. Later that year found drummer Igor Cavalera performing double duty for SEPULTURA's Autumn Brazilian gigs. Under the pseudonym of 'El Covero' Cavalera also performed with the tour's support band MASSACRATION.

Andreas Kisser formed up part of the ad hoc 'Brazil Rock Stars' group alongside members of WOMBAT and singer Bruno Sutter, involved in the "fun" heavy metal project MASSACRATION (featuring SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera, a.k.a. El Covero), to perform a live set of DEATH and CONTROL DENIED covers in tribute to Chuck Schuldiner at the September 18th 'Bonded by Blood Thrash Fest' in São Paulo. The event, headlined by EXODUS, saw a strong billing of KORZUS, ANDRALLS, TORTURE SQUAD and MAD DRAGZTER. Kisser also found time to donate a guitar solo the track 'A Farewell To Kings' for the Magna Carta 2005 RUSH tribute album 'Subdivisions'.

In recognition of the band's status in their homeland a São Paulo event on 25th September, dubbed 'Sepulfest', would, naturally, be headlined by SEPULTURA with a strong support cast comprising RATOS DE PORÃO, NAÇÃO ZUMBI, CLAUSTROFOBIA and MASSACRATION. SEPULTURA returned to Europe in November and December, lending support to MOTÖRHEAD.

Recordings for a new album, cut at Trama Studios in São Paulo and entitled 'Dante XXI', would reveal the group was planning a conceptual piece based upon the 'Divine Comedy' of classical literature. During the sessions the group also laid down cover versions of JUDAS PRIEST's 'Screaming For Vengeance' and SICK OF IT ALL's 'Scratching The Surface'.

Also announced would be that SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser has contracted a deal with Holland's Mascot Records to record his first solo album, 'Hubris 1 & 2', recorded at A Voz do Brasil studio in São Paulo. A notable stop on SEPULTURA's 2005 tour schedule came on 25th March when the band, alongside THE DARKNESS and MACHINE HEAD, performed in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, marking the first such occasion for a Western Metal band in the Gulf. Support came from local bands NERVECELL and JULIANA DOWN.

On April 3rd SEPULTURA filmed a hometown São Paulo for commercial DVD release. Highlights included the group performing 'Troops Of Doom' with former SEPULTURA guitarist Jairo Guedz and both 'Reza' and 'Biotech Is Godzilla' with RATOS DE PORÃO.'s João Gordo. A brief round of Mexican dates would see the VIPER veteran Guilherme Martin stepping in as temporary drummer when Igor Cavalera was unable to attend.

The following month saw a special anniversary re-issue of the 'Roots' album, complete with a bonus disc comprising demos, remixes and alternate versions. Meantime, guest activity for Igor Cavalera found the drummer collaborating with Brooklyn rapper NECRO on the album 'Circle Of Tyrants'. SEPULTURA put out the CD / DVD package 'Live In São Paulo' through SPV in November. On December 15th Andreas Kisser notably joined the ROADRUNNER UNITED conglomerate at the New York Nokia Theater for an all star Metal evening. SEPULTURA tracks played would be 'Refuse/Resist' and 'Roots Bloody Roots' fronted by MACHINE HEAD's Rob Flynn and featuring ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian, ex-FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares and SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison.

Quite spectacularly, founder member Igor Cavalera, having just become a father to a baby boy, announced his temporary withdrawal on 13th January 2006 in order to attend to his family life. Stepping in to cover the SEPULTURA drum duties would be the THORN, CRISIS and SOULFLY credited Roy Mayorga. That same month Andreas Kisser guested on a cover version of SLAYER's 'War Ensemble' by SILENT CIVILIAN. By June ex-UDORA man Jean Dolabella was manning the drum stool.

Promoting the 'Dante XXI' album, European shows throughout April and May saw SEPULTURA opening for IN FLAMES. In mid June Igor Cavalera officially announced his departure citing "artistic incompatibility" with his band mates, further stating his belief that "the group's current formation no longer lives up to my expectations as a musician and a person." Of intrigue to fans would be a previous public comment from SOULFLY's Max Cavalera indicating that a classic SEPULTURA reunion was unfeasible without his brother's involvement. Pointedly, Roadrunner Records announced a September compilation, 'The Best Of Sepultura', only featured material featuring Max Cavalera. Meantime, Igor Cavalera swiftly announced plans to forge a fresh band unit in alliance with Brooklyn "Death rapper" NECRO. The drummer also informed media in Brazil that because the Cavalera siblings were no longer involved with the band in its current formation the title SEPULTURA could only be used legally until the close of the 'Dante XXI' touring cycle. Andreas Kisser subsequently denied this assertion.

SEPULTURA received a huge, and wholly unexpected, boost in October when three Argentine brothers put their video jam version of 'Refuse/Resist' onto the internet. The Fernández siblings, Emilio, 15, Agustín, 11, and Martí­n, 10, residing in the northwestern province of Salta, saw their video on YouTube watched by more than 1.4 million people. On October 24th it was the most downloaded video of any category.

Also in October Andreas Kisser made a guest appearance on the track 'The Waterfalls' featured on BURNING IN HELL's 'Believe' album. That same month SEPULTURA united with a heavyweight billing comprising STRATOVARIUS, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, SAXON, NEVERMORE, AFTER FOREVER, PRIMAL FEAR and GOTTHARD for the 'Live n' Louder' festivals across Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

US headline dates, backed by SWORN ENEMY, DIECAST and SUICIDE SILENCE, set for November saw a delay when the first three concerts in Phoenix, Long Beach and Sacramento were cancelled due to immigration problems. The band contributed their version of 'Scratch The Surface' to the SICK OF IT ALL tribute album 'Our Impact Will Be Felt' assembled by Abacus Recordings for January 2007 release.

During February Andreas Kisser cut tracks for a solo album billed as 'Hubris 1 & 2', recorded in part at A Voz do Brasil studio in São Paulo, for Dutch imprint Mascot Records. In early March the band filmed a promotional video for the track 'Ostia' in downtown São Paulo with director Geraldo Moraes.

European touring saw support from Cape Town, South Africa based Metalcore band FOREVER WILL BURN. Other live activity for Andreas Kisser included reformation gigs with his very first band ESFINGE. However, although SEPULTURA continued to maintain a high profile persistent rumours suggested a "classic" era reunion with Max Cavalera was being mooted.

In 2007 word arrived of a new band entitled CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, a project featuring SEPULTURA founding siblings Max Cavalera, on lead vocals and guitar, and Igor Cavalera on drums alongside SOULFLY guitarist Marc Rizzo. In May 2008 the band tapped Johny Chow (a.k.a. John Mark Bechtel), of FIREBALL MINISTRY, SOULS OF WE, SYSTEMATIC and MY RUIN, to play bass on the group's European tour. Joe Duplantier of the French Progressive Death metallers GOJIRA, had laid down all the bass tracks on CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's debut album 'Inflikted' but his GOJIRA commitments prevented him joining the band on the road.

Another SEPULTURA related act, MUSICA DIABLO, formed in January 2008. This Thrash Metal project featuring singer Derrick Green, guitarist Andre NM, of NITROMINDS, drummer Marcão, of AÇÃO DIRETA and DEAD FISH, plus bassist Ricardo Brigas.

Meantime, SEPULTURA entered the studio in May 2008 to begin recording their new album, entitled 'A-Lex' and revealed as a concept affair based on the Anthony Burgess novel 'A Clockwork Orange'. These sessions would be the group's first to feature drummer Jean Dolabella. SEPULTURA debuted a new, and incomplete, song during their 17th May concert at Festival Maquinaria in São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2008 another touring first for SEPULTURA came with two shows in Cuba organized by the Cuban Agency of Rock and the Young Communist League, taking place on 18th July, at the Antimperialist Tribune, and on 20th July in Santa Clara.

Andreas Kisser surprisingly joined the touring ranks of veteran German rockers the SCORPIONS for their September 2008 South American dates. The Brazilian performed electric guitar on 'Coast to Coast' and 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' and acoustic parts on 'Always Somewhere', 'Wind of Change', 'Loving You Sunday Morning'.

The band performed at the inaugural 'Hammerfest' festival, sharing the stage with PARADISE LOST, SAXON, OPETH and CATHEDRAL, held at Pontins, Prestatyn Sands, Wales in April 2009. SEPULTURA hooked up with Brazil's other leading Metal export, ANGRA, for a 20 date tour of Brazil in May.

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