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São Paulo Death Metal crew TORTURE SQUAD was formed in 1989 as a Thrash / Crossover power trio of vocalist / bassist Marcelo Dirceu, guitarist Cristiano Fusco and drummer Marcelo Fusco. However, by the following year Cristiano Fusco was left to build up an entirely new band unit, pulling in singer Vitor Rodrigues, guitarist Fúlvio Pelli and drummer Amilcar Chistófaro, all previously with Thrash band REASONS TO HEAVEN, and bassist Castor. This version of TORTURE SQUAD first demoed that year with the 'A Soul In Hell' session.

Their first album, 'Shivering' limited to 1000 copies, emerged in 1995 through Destroyer Records. 'Asylum Of Shadows' followed in December of 1999. In early 2001 the band donated the track 'Mandate For Freedom' to Die Hard Records conceptual 'William Shakespeare's Hamlet' opus, after which 'The Unholy Spell' album was released. Promotion for this record included an appearance at the São Paulo Extreme Metal Fest and MTV play for a promotional video for the track 'Abduction Was The Case'.

A ten year tenure would be broken as founder Cristiano Fusco exited. TORTURE SQUAD drafted Maurício Nogueira as replacement. The 'Pandemonium' album arrived in 2003 with a live CD / DVD outing 'Death, Chaos And Torture Alive' delivered in 2004.

TORTURE SQUAD, working with producers Marcello Pompeu and KORZUS guitarist Heros Trench, entered the recording studio in June 2006 to craft a new album.

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