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Edmonton, Alberta based War Metal band AXIS OF ADVANCE was borne in September of 1998 out of former SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT members guitarist Wör and bassist Vermin's desire to start a new band. James Read, a noted figure on the Metal underground with acts such as CONQUEROR, REVENGE and French act ARKHON INFAUSTUS, offered his services as session drummer for the debut EP 'Landline'. The track 'Tactics Forth' would then be laid down for contribution to a four way split EP dubbed 'Awaiting The Glorious Damnation Of Mankind' in league with GARWALL, FROST and DEMON REALM.

AXIS OF ADVANCE signed to the Spanish Death To Mankind label for November 2001's 'Strike' opus. The band would then be taken on by the French Osmose Productions concern for a 2002 follow up 'The List', heralding this new relationship by donating a cover version of SACRIFICE's 'Re-Animation' to the compilation album ''World Domination'.

AXIS OF ADVANCE undertook an extensive round of European headline dates in 2004, taking in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Slovenia. September 2004's outing 'Obey' would be crafted at Berno Studios in Sweden with producer Henrik Larsson. Once again, J. Read sessioned on drums. Vinyl versions of 'Obey' would be restricted to just 500 copies.

In 2007 the band donated their interpretation of 'Elemental' to a THERGOTHON tribute album assembled by Russia's Solitude Productions.

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