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Date Formed 1984

Categories: Black Metal


Canadian Grind styled Black Metal crew BLASPHEMY preceded their 1990 'Fallen Angel Of Doom' debut album with a 1989 demo 'Blood Upon The Altar'. The follow up 'Gods Of War', issued in 1993, would see a release through the French Osmose Productions concern. The band go by the unlikely names of 'Nocturnal Grave Desecrator And Black Winds' on vocals, 'Caller Of The Storms' on guitar, 'Ace Gustapo Necrosleezer And Vaginal Commands' on bass and '3 Black Hearts Of Damnation And Impurity' on drums!

The 2001 BLASPHEMY live album 'Live Ritual- Friday The 13th' would only be issued on 12" vinyl format and restricxted to 666 copies. The first 100 of these would be red vinyl and include a CDR rehearsal recording plus band poster.

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