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CANADA, British Colombia, Vancouver

Date Formed 1991

Categories: Progressive Metal



Formed in British Columbia in 1991, by guitarist Mike Kischnick and frontman Paul Falcon on lead vocals and bass. EMPYRIA followed a traditional path of gigs and demos refining their craft until a pro-demo emerged in 1994 called 'Ornamental Ironworks'. Despite the musical climate of Metal in the mid-90's, the buzz about their brand of technical Progressive Power Metal, was strong enough that T&T, a subsidiary of Noise Records, signed the band for a one-album deal in 1996. The result was their release 'Behind Closed Doors' which, despite some heavy weight critical acclaim, did little in terms of international sales. The band was back to being an indie act shortly there after. In 1997 Falcon left the band and Kischnick soon recruited Phillip Leite on vocals and Ken Firomski on bass.

A second CD the aptly titled 'Changing Currents' was released on their own label in 1998. What did not kill the band made them stronger as the next two years saw the band growing in popularity seeing them appear on three compilation CD's and they continued to write material.

The result of this hard work was that in 2000 the band was signed to the small label Nightmare Records, run by Lance King of GEMINI and BALANCE OF POWER. In November, Nightmare released 'The Legacy' in North America. 'The Legacy' was in a sense an EP that pulled together three or four part thread of songs from previous releases into one 25-minute epic called 'The Lighter Side of Darkness'. The EP also saw an ambitious and unique cover tune in the form of 'Synchronicity II' by THE POLICE. 2001 saw the band appear on another compilation, The 'West Coast Metal Fest', produced by the internationally famous, Vancouver metal specialty store, Scrape Records.

The band was still very much active and continued their unbroken pattern of a new CD every two years. 'Sense Of Mind' was released in early 2002. Simon Adam joined CRADLE TO GRAVE in July 2006.

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