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Toronto's THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH is an Alt-Rap Metal band with a strong Christian Ethos. The group title refers to God's ability to cope with personal problems of any magnitude. The band was formulated by singer / songwriter Trevor Minivan at high school in Peterborough Ontario with bassist Joel Bruyere and Hamilton native drummer Steve Augustine. THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH's debut release, 'That's What People Do', was released independently in 1998. 'Set It Off' followed in 2001. Both McNevan and Augustine would also be operational with side endeavour FM STATIC.

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH signed to the Seattle based Tooth & Nail label in 2003 for the 'Phenomenon' album, this release scoring the band significant mainstream radio play and selling over 100,000 copies in its first year. This success generated a 2004 re-issue of 'Set It Off', adding a new song 'Everyone Like Me' plus tracks from the long deleted 'That's What People Do'.

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH's 2005 campaign opened with the single 'Absolute', preceding the July album 'The Art Of Breaking'.

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