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CANADA, Ontario, Scarborough

Date Formed Aug/1984

Categories: Death Metal, Thrash Metal


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SLAUGHTER are a revered name amongst the annals of the Thrash / Death Metal genre. The band, raised in Scarborough, Ontario, was created during August of 1984. Co-founder Terry Sadler, handling vocals and bass guitar, was already a seasoned veteran of the local Toronto scene having served terms with BLIND AMBITION, BLISSMASS, LIZZY BORDEN, MEGOLITH, METAL FATIGUE, NAZZ, and THE HALO OF FLIES. Along with vocalist / guitarist Dave Hewson and drummer Ron Sumners, Sadler forged SLAUGHTERHOUSE, soon truncating the title to SLAUGHTER.

The group made their mark with the opening demo sessions 'Meatcleaver' and 'Bloody Karnage', the latter featuring Joe Rico and Rob Urbinati of SACRIFICE as guest players. Third set 'Surrender Or Die' followed in 1985 and rapidly spread throughout the underground tape trading grapevine, even impacting on the demo top ten charts in leading UK magazine 'Metal Forces'. Their live debut came with the "Live Karnage" event alongside SACRIFICE on March 25th 1985 at Toronto's Larry's Hideaway venue, their set being distributed straight from the soundboard as the 'Live Karnage' demo, brazenly sporting their influences with covers of HELLHAMMER's 'Massacra' and VENOM's 'Witching Hour'. That same May another gig opening for SACRIFICE, at Gilmore's in Toronto, was recorded live for the 'Live Bedlam' demo.

Local radio DJ Brian Taylor secured the rights to the demo 'Surrender Or Die', releasing this commercially as the first release issued by Attic Records subsidiary Diabolic Force. SLAUGHTER capitalised on this with the debut album 'Strappado', recorded again for Diabolic Force at Future Sound in Toronto with Brian Taylor behind the desk in just 24 hours. Although cut in February 1986 'Strappado' remained vaulted for a lengthy period due to financial constraints. Beforehand the promotional three track single 'One Foot In The Grave', limited to 1000 copies, emerged.

Earlier the same year SLAUGHTER had been joined by DEATH frontman Chuck Schuldiner. Having relocated from Florida Schuldiner's tenure lasted a matter of weeks before he journeyed back home to re-activate DEATH. Live work would be restricted to a grand total of just fifteen concerts, the largest of which was held in July 1986 as support to CELTIC FROST and VOIVOD at the Toronto Concert House.

Sumners made his exit during September 1986 and, after fleetingly employing STORM and DEATH ADDER drummer Scott Day, the group re-structured with former LETHAL PRESENCE guitarist Bobby Sadzak and, in May 1987, drummer Brian Lourie. Finally, in mid 1987, the much delayed 'Strappado' was delivered, immediately drawing ecstatic reviews. SLAUGHTER cut a further album 'Paranormal' in July 1988 but these tapes would never see the light of day. Metal Blade Records showed interest, prompted by the band's December 1988 demo 'The Dark', and the track 'The Fourth Dimension' taken from the Paranormal demo was duly included on the 'Metal Massacre Ten' compilation released in 1990.

Further ructions hit the band in 1992 when Sadler bade his farewell, having initially quit in 1988, then returning in 1989, before quitting again in 1990. Hewson would then form an alliance with guitarist Bobby Sadzak, bassist Mike Dalton and drummer Brian Lourie creating STRAPPADO, this move being prompted by the chart success of the Las Vegas hair band of the same name. This new unit only issued the two sessions, 'Fatal Judgement' and 'Not Dead Yet', before splitting. However, the Headache label fanned the flames of the burgeoning SLAUGHTER legend by issuing a bootleg CD 'Strappado'.

SLAUGHTER was resurrected in order to donate a version of 'Dethroned Emperor' to a 1996 CELTIC FROST tribute album. This revised version of the band would collapse once again although Hewson and Sadzak, together with singer Kelly Montico, subsequently created the Industrial outfit INNER THOUGHT releasing 'Worldy Seperation' in 1994 and the 1996 follow up 'Perspectives'. In 1999 pioneering UK Grindcore act NAPALM DEATH paid homage by rendering their version of 'Incinerator' on their EP 'Leaders Not Followers' and Utopian Vision Music published the 'Surrender Or Die' demos on CD format, complete with additional tracks recorded at the time but left off the demo.

A slew of SLAUGHTER re-releases arrived during 2000 including the shelved 'Paranormal', live cuts and demos. The German Nuclear Blast label would re-issue 'Strappado' complete with an extra CD compiled of live recordings from SLAUGHTER's inaugural March 1985 gig and rehearsal tapes. The band's legacy was given further prominence during 2004 when Hells Headbangers Records released 'Fuck Of Death', a compilation of the January 23rd 1986 rehearsal recordings conducted with late DEATH frontman Chuck Schuldiner. This vinyl only outing would be restricted to 1000 copies, the first 100 pressed on coloured vinyl with 500 manufactured as picture discs. Further tracks arrived in the form of a split 7" single on Horror Records of Denmark in collusion with NUNSLAUGHTER, the infamous Pittsburgh Death Metal band also paying tribute on their side of vinyl with a cover of SLAUGHTER's 'Nocturnal Hell'.

In October 2008 Brian Lourie died of a heart attack at the young age of 39.

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