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Montréal Black Metal band. NEFASTÜS DIÈS was initiated during March 2002 by guitarist Void, vocalist / guitarist Betrayal, drummer Tommy McKinnon, holding ties to NEURAXIS, TORN WITHIN and JESTER, bassist Auriel and finally keyboardist Iraabbas. This unit started gigging but the first line-up change took place when McKinnon exited. Scythrawl, a former member of UNQUINTESSENCE, THROUGH SOMBRE SORROWFIELDS and TRAILS OF ANGUISH, stepped in as replacement.

A change in musical direction also saw Betrayal dropping vocals and focussing solely on guitar. They then contacted Ill-Fate (a.k.a. Sebastian Painchaud), previously with ION DISSONANCE, UNQUINTESSENCE, THE LAST FELONY, WITHDRAW and WINTER BESTOWED, to act as frontman. Further changes would find Betrayal decamping and Auriel switching from bass to guitar. The June 2005 demo 'Prelude' was promoted on the live front with a tour branded "A prelude of somber days yet to come". After signing to US label Deepsend Records in November 2005, the following March NEFASTÜS DIÈS utilised Yannick St. Amand's studio to record their first full-length album 'Urban Cancer'.

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