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CANADA, Québec, Québec

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Black Metal




Forged in 1995 Québec, THESYRE spent much of its formative years as a solo venture recording covers by the likes of BATHORY, BURZUM and DARKTHRONE. Indeed, one BURZUM track would even be hosted on the official Count Grishnackh website in 1997. THESYRE vocalist Éric Massicotte is also active with both Death Metal band DECAYED REMAINS, Ambient act GȪLËM and a further Black Metal project AUFKREMA.

Signing to Swedish label Vicious Recordings THESYRE set 'Duality' as the title of their January 2005 album. Various formats hosted differing track listings, with the CD version featuring a cover of SODOM's 'Outbreak Of Evil' and the vinyl version sporting a take on MOTȪRHEAD's '(Dont' Need) Religion'. Vicious Recordings also re-issued THESYRE's self-titled debut on the same formats, including a cover of BEHERIT's 'The Gate Of Nanna' as a bonus track.

THESYRE spent late 2005 working on a new album billed 'Exist!' and in early 2006 signed this album over to French label Osmose Productions. Also announced would be a 7" split single in collaboration with Norway's AUDIOPAIN through Worship Him Records.

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