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Vancouver's SOULSCAR employ Death Metal with a healthy injection of prime era Thrash influences. The band came together in 1997 issuing a stream of demos in 1998's 'Lost In Life', 1999's 'Escaping' and 2000 'Abandoned'. These three sessions were all conducted as solo efforts by Andrew Staehling. The 2000 'Abandoned' album release is a collection of earlier demo tracks produced by Jeff Waters of ANNIHILATOR. Yet another Waters produced promotion release, 'Python' featuring bassist Brent McKenzie, was recorded in 2001, although never publicly released, upfront of the 'Character Assassination' record. Sessioning on this outing would be drummer Chris Warunki.

Second album 'Victim Impact Statement' was issued in October of 2004 through Galy Records. SOULSCAR's 2004 band line up comprised Andrew Staehling, Brent Mackenzie, second guitarist Stas Mikheev and drummer Igor Cheifot.

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