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    Notorious Black Thrashers dating back as far as 1988. A demo 'Forever Under' surfaced in 1993. For the 1996 12" vinyl EP INQUISITION signed to the North American Defiled label. A subsequent CD re-release in Colombia came courtesy of Sylphorium Records and these tracks would also emerge as part of a split album with Brazilians PROFANE CREATION dubbed 'Summoning The Black Dimension In The Farallones'. INQUISITION at this stage comprised Dagon on vocals, guitar and bass with Carlos Acila on flute. The album included the title track with John Santa on drums whilst the earlier material had Endhir Xo Kpurtos handling percussion.

    For 1998's 'Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult' album Dagon was joined by bassist Debandt and drummer Incubus. Sources also state that after recording INQUISITION's line up was made up of vocalist / guitarist Alles, guitarist David, bassist Brunno and drummer Sardi.

    By the time of 2002's 'Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan' INQUISITION would be down to a duo of Dagon and Incubus.

    INQUISITION toured Europe in March of 2005 in alliance with French Black Metal band MERRIMACK.

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