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Medellin Death Metal band PARABELLUM was created in early 1983 by guitarist Carlos Mario and drummer Cipriano. The group debuted in 1987 with the two track EP 'Sacrilegio', this limited to 500 copies. A follow up single, 'Mutacion Por Radacion', was released as a 600 copy run in 1988. A further pressing of 'Sacrilegio' was issued in 1992, once again limited to 500 units, although a bootleg also surfaced, adding a third track 'Guerro, Monopolio, Sexo'.

Blasfemia Records issued the 'Tempus Mortis' compilation album in 2005. Limited to 1000 copies the collection comprised the 1987 'Sacrilegio' EP and 1988 'Mutacion Por Radacion' EP plus six previously unreleased rehearsal tracks dating to 1984-'85 and a live video track from the 1985 'La Batalla De Las Bandas' festival.

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