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Renowned Croation Doom act ASHES YOU LEAVE employ traditional Folk melodies amidst a near Dark Wave mournfulness. The group was created in Rijeka during 1995 originally titled as ICON. Under this guise the act cut a demo session '...But Dreaming'. Discovering another act named ICON. The band became ASHES YOU LEAVE re-debuting with the demo 'The Kingdom Before The Lies'. At this juncture the band line-up comprised vocalist and flautist Dunja Radetic, vocalist keyboard player Vladimir Krytuija, guitarists Aljo'a Ceglar and Damir Cencic, bass guitarist Kristian Milic, violinist Marta Batinic and drummer Gordan Cencic.

ASHES YOU LEAVE would sign to Norwegian label Effigy Records. However, this label went under before any product was issued. Another deal was negotiated with another Norwegian concern Arctic Serenades but the same scenario unfolded once again. ASHES YOU LEAVE finally signed to the German Morbid label in 1998 releasing 'The Passage Back To Life' album the same year.

The group would undergo a radical overhaul in the guitar department. New faces would be Breislav Poje and Neven Mendrila. Vocalist Dunja Radetic would be replaced by Marina following recording of the second album 'Desperate Existence'.

Members of ASHES YOU LEAVE united with personnel from fellow Black act CASTRUM to create a new 2000 act NELDOROTH. The band put in an appearance at the NIGHTWISH headlined 'Metal Female Voices Fest II' event held in Brussels during November of 2004. The group formed up a supporting cast comprising FLOWING TEARS, SENGIR, DARKWELL, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, EPICA and SYRENS CALLS.

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