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CZECH REPUBLIC, Hranice na Moravě

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A Doom band laced with Pagan imagery and adventurous enough to include violins and cellos alongside the expected modern day arsenal. The act was founded by the Hajda brothers guitarist Michal and drummer Radek along with bassist Filip Chudý, frontman Petr Staněk and violinist Zuzana Zamazalová in 1995. SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY debuted with the promotional tape 'Apotheosis' capitalized on by 1996's 'Amber Sun'. A second violinist Michal 'Siki' Sýkora was added after the debut album 'Iron'.

Following the sophomore 'Behold The Shadows' 1998 outing Chudý lost his place to Kyril Chlebnikov and the 16 year old Pavla Lukašová took Siki's position. The erstwhile members guitarist Rostislav Skacel and Pavel Chudý would subsequently found MYSTERY, a band that evolved into MEMORIA for the 'Children Of The Doom' album. Meantime, SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY contributed their rendition of 'Zapálili Jsme Onen Svět' to a 1999 MASTER'S HAMMER tribute album compiled by Redblack Productions.

The band underwent a major overhaul drafting a whole compliment of new members. No less than five new faces included the FORGOTTEN SILENCE credited female vocalist Hanka Nogolová, former DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY and ASHORE OF DECADENCE singer Michal Herák, ex-ASHORE OF DECADENCE violinist Petra Nováčková, guitarist Hynek Stančík and Dušan Fojtášek on bass. Siki also made a return on cello.

SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ENERGY guitarist Radek Hajda would later join Austrian Death Metal band DARKSIDE. Zuzana Zamazalová would feature as a guest on the 2002 outing 'Ocean Of The Lost' from Austrian Gothic Rockers FLOODLAND.

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