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    KRABATHOR date to 1984. The band, initially known as KRABATOR and based out of Uherské Hradiště, issued a glut of demos in the mid 80’s including 1988's 'Breath Of Death', 'Total Destruction' and 'Brutal Death' before the project was put on ice as members served their national service for two years. April of 1991 had KRABATHOR back in action with the demo session 'Pocity Detronizace', capitalised on that same August with 'Feelings Of Dethronisation', the band's first with English lyrics. Signing to Czech label Monitor Records KRABATHOR’s debut, March 1992's 'Only Our Death Is Welcome...', went on to sell some 16'000 copies backed by a video for the track 'Pacifistic Death'. The band membership at this juncture comprised vocalist / guitarist Christopher, guitarist Hire, bassist Bruno and drummer Kopec. 'Cool Mortification', now seeing Martin on guitar, followed in September 1993. In an effort to break Western markets the group signed to German label Morbid Records for the limited edition mini album 'The Rise Of Brutality'.

    Drummer Pegas, a veteran of BRUTALIZER and DEHYDRATED, joined the band in 1995. KRABATHOR's third effort 'Lies' shifted over 15'000 copies enabling a tour of Europe which saw the band on the road with IMPALED NAZARENE in October 1995.

    The Spring of 1996 had the band gigging with CANNIBAL CORPSE, IMMOLATION, GRAVE and ROTTING CHRIST. The band also broke the ice in America performing at the infamous Milwaukee Metalfest. Returning to Europe KRABATHOR resumed activities with shows backing DEICIDE, ENTOMBED, NIGHTFALL, NAPALM DEATH and SINISTER. Headline dates saw support from South Africans GROINCHURN and Germans SANITY DAWN.

    That same year Soundless Productions re-issued 'The Rise Of Brutality' tracks as a split cassette outing shared with Russia's PANDEMIA. Morbid Records revisited archive tracks with the EP 'Mortal Memories'. In March 1999 Polish dates had KRABATHOR flanking Finns COUNT DE NOCTE and Polish act YATTERING. The KRABATHOR duo of bassist Bruno and drummer Skull founded side project HYPNOS in 2000 releasing an eponymous album. Skull kept himself doubly busy by uniting with frontman Christopher in a project titled MARTYR in union with the notorious American Deathster Paul Speckman of MASTER and ABOMINATION fame for the 'Murder: The End Of The Game' album.

    In 2004 KRABATHOR would donate their rendition of 'Evil Warriors' to the 'Seven Gates Of Horror' tribute album assembled by the Dutch Karmaggedon Media label in homage to pioneering Bay Area Thrash act POSSESSED. Skull forged yet another band unit that year, Metalcore band BAD FACE also comprising former DECAY vocalist Pawel, ex-HYPNOS, STAGNANT and the SHAARK guitarist R.A.D., former DEPRESION guitarist Dan.

    Guitarist Christopher joined EVIL INCARNATE in August 2008.

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