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DENMARK, Copenhagen

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Death Metal


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CORPUS MORTALE is an old school Death Metal combo forged during 1993 in Copenhagen by guitarist Søren Jensen and drummer Nicholas Maschøln. Formative line-up changes ensued, stabilising with the recruitment of vocalist / bassist Martin Rosendahl. The 'Corpus Mortale' demo was recorded the following year and the band was boosted to a quartet with the induction of second guitarist Morten Jensen in 1996 for a second demo session 'Integration'. As a side venture that same year Rosendahl activated Black Metal project ZAHRIM, recording a demo entitled 'Mashshagarannu'.

CORPUS MORTALE encountered problems in 1999 with internal friction centred on the unsatisfactory result of the 'Spiritism' recordings. Both Jensens exited but the group was re-assembled by enlisting INIQUITY vocalist / guitarist Brian Eriksen and the INIQUITY and SATURNUS credited Jens Lee also on guitar. Live work ensued before CORPUS MORTALE entered Soundzone Studios to craft the EP 'Succumb To The Superior'. 2001 would witness CORPUS MORTALE personnel Rosendahl, Lee and Maschøln publishing the 'Denied' demo through an Industrial side concern billed HUMAN MACHINE.

In mid 2001 Lee opted out of CORPUS MORTALE, being superseded by Roar Christoffersen. The album, 'With Lewd Demeanor' produced by Anders Lundemark, was recorded at Starstruck Studios in Copenhagen for Neurotic Records in 2003.

That same year Rosendahl involved himself with the extreme Metal 'supergroup' STRANGLER. Early 2005 found both Rosendahl and Christoffersen recording a demo 'Music For Tough Guys' with new band SLOW DEATH FACTORY, a high profile union of Danish extreme Metal elite comprising ILLDISPOSED's Morten Gilsted and Per Møller Jensen of INVOCATOR, KONKHRA and THE HAUNTED repute on drums.

Martin Rosendahl provided guest session vocals on USIPIAN's debut July 2005 album, 'Dead Corner Of The Eye', featuring on the tracks 'Selfless' and 'Shadows Of The Once Unseen'. In 2006 Nuclear Winter Records released the 7" vinyl EP 'Seize The Moment Of Murder'. Limited to 500 copies, this EP closed out with a cover version of OBITUARY's 'Slowly We Rot'.

CORPUS MORTALE released its second full-length album, 'A New Species Of Deviant', in September 2007 via Neurotic Records.Studio guests included backing vocals on 'Descent Into The Maelstrom' by Toke Eld, guitar solos on 'Cold Earth' and 'Descent Into The Maelstrom' by Jens Lee and rhythm guitar on 'Erosion Of The Flesh' by Mads Haarløv.

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