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DENMARK, Copenhagen

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Death Metal


DAEMON is the Copenhagen based Death Metal project venture of high profile extreme Metal veterans KONKHRA's Anders Lundemark and drummer Nicke Andersson of ENTOMBED and THE HELLACOPTERS. The debut 1996 'Seven Deadly Sins' album, issued on the Diehard Music label, was produced by DISMEMBER's Fred Estby and saw guest guitar from ENTOMBED's Ulf Cederlund. On this first album the pseudonym Morgan Pitt was used by Lundemark to handle the bass duties. In 1998 the project introduced drummer Frank Hellmet (a.k.a. Per Møller Jensen) of ARTILLERY, THE HAUNTED, INVOCATOR and KONKHRA repute, guitarist Joey Fernandez (Lars Mayland) of FACELIFT, FURIOUS TRAUMA and KONKHRA plus KONKHRA bass player Thomas "Gnist" Christensen. A 1999 follow up, suitably entitled 'The Second Coming', sported a cover version of BLACK SABBATH's 'Symptom Of The Universe'. This time Christensen used the pseudonym Morgan Pitt.

DAEMON's third album, 2002's 'Eye For An Eye', would see Thomas Fagerlind of SWOLLEN, THORIUM and INIQUITY handling bass and the famed Gene Hoglan of DARK ANGEL and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD on drums. Late 2004 saw Fagerlind operating with DOWNLORD, the band led by BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION singer Dave Ingram.

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