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DENMARK, Copenhagen

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Black Metal, Doom, Doom Death


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A Copenhagen Doom / Death band initially titled ASSESINO. The band can trace its history back to the 1991 union of vocalist Thomas Akim Grønbæk Jenson, guitarists Kim Sindahl and Christian Brenner, bass player Brian Hansen and drummer Pouli Choir as ASSESINO. The band actually split but reunited during 1993 with fresh recruit Jesper Saltoft. A period of flux ensued with Sindahl decamping and guitarist Michael Andersen and keyboard player Anders Ro Nielsen being drafted. At this stage the unit opted for the new title of SATURNUS.

1994 saw the inclusion of guitarist Kim Larsen and the following year the exit of Andersen. A support gig to Britain's Doom mongers MY DYING BRIDE made a weighty impression on the band who acknowledge their shift in to a gloomy, melancholic from this juncture.

SATURNUS cut their debut album 'Paradise Belongs To You' for the Euphonious label which included new guitarist Morten Skrubbeltrang. Promoting the album SATURNUS ambitiously employed an 8 piece choir for live gigs.

After a Flemming Rasmussen produced mini-album 'For The Loveless Lonely Nights', which included live material culled from the band's 1997 'Roskilde' festival performance, a switch in members had guitarist Peter Erecius Poulsen joining in time for recording of the Flemming Rasmussen produced 'Martyre' album. SATURNUS suffered further internal strife in 1999 with new enlistees being former GOTHIC DOMAIN guitarist Tais Pedersen and bassist Peter Heede.

Both Larsen and Nielsen sessioned on BLAZING ETERNITY's debut album of 2000. Nielsen also found time for a further project entitled OUT OF SIGHT. Plenge would join Power Metal band IRON FIRE in November 2000 for their 'On The Edge' album.

In 1999 Larsen decamped. The guitarist debuted his Folk influenced solo project OF THE WAND AND THE MOON with the 'Nighttime Nightryhmes' album which found SATURNUS drummer Jesper Saltoft as session guest. 'Emptiness, Emptiness, Emptiness' followed in 2001. Meantime, Larsen, along with SATURNUS colleagues Hansen and Saltoft, also busied themselves with the Gothic Rock band THE LOVELESS. SATURNUS persevered with an ever fluctuating line-up which by September of 2001 stood at Thomas A.G. Jensen on vocals, guitarists Peter Poulsen and Tais Pedersen, bass player Lennart Jacobsen (joining in August 2001), Anders Ro Nielsen on keyboards and drummer Henrik Glass. The new rhythm section saw Glass being an erstwhile member of BEG TO DIFFER whilst Jacobsen held credits with SUSPECT, SYMPOSION and Black Metal unit MIDNATT. Jacobsen also busied himself with his other act ILLUMINOUS.

In early October 2005 SATURNUS recently entered Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark, working again with producer Flemming Rasmussen, to commence recording their third full-length album, 'Veronica Decides To Die', for Finland's Firebox Records. MERCYFUL FATE and FORCE OF EVIL guitarist Michael Denner contributed guest solos.

Thomas A.G. Jensen and Brian Hansen forged side project WIZARDS OF DOOM in early 2007. Live work for SATURNUS during 2008 saw the introduction onstage of session guitar player Rune Stiassny.

SATURNUS underwent a major revisal in May 2009 when it weas learned that Anders Ro Nielsen, Tais Pedersen, Peter Poulsen and Nikolaj Borg had all decamped. founding members Thomas A.G. Nielsen and Brian Hansen duly inducted touring guitarist Rune Stiassny as a permanent member. 

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