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Former MABEL, WHITE LION and FREAK OF NATURE frontman Mike Tramp (a.k.a. Michael Trampenau) emerged as a solo artist in 1997 with the release of his debut solo album, 'Capricorn', in October. With WHITE LION the singer had enjoyed a high profile in the USA courtesy of major hit singles and platinum albums. 'Capricorn' was first released in France on the CNR Music label before being picked up in Britain by Music For Nations. Assisting Tramp in the recording of the album were former FREAK OF NATURE colleagues guitarist Kenny Korade and bass player Jerry Best. Erstwhile CHOPPER and Y KANT TORI READ keyboardist Kim Bullard also helped out.

The album was released in North America during early 1998 through C.M.C. International and Mike immediately hit the road in support of it, planning to play dates in Europe during early summer. Tramp made his return in the summer of 2001 putting in a lengthy series of U.S. dates. The man would also feature an exclusive live rendition of 'Better Off' to the WDHA radio compilation album 'The Tour Bus - Road Trip'.

Tramp's sophomore solo outing was the retrospective 'Remembering White Lion', an album comprising remakes of WHITE LION material as conveyed by Tramp, guitarist Kasper Damgaard, B-JOE and VIRUS 7 bass player Nils Krøyer and MERCYFUL FATE drummer Bjarne T. Holm. Following recording Krøyer and Holm duly founded Nu-Metal band ZAUCE. Chicago native Troy Patrick Farrell was inducted for touring work in 2001.

The much anticipated 'Recovering The Wasted Years' album arrived in February of 2002 preceding a welcome set of UK shows in alliance with German melodic Rockers BONFIRE. Toward the close of the year Tramp set to work with producer Flemming Rasmussen on a fresh studio album billed as 'More To Life Than This'. His studio band comprised guitarists Kasper Damgaard, Oliver Steffensen and STEVE LUKATHER, bass player Nicholas Findsen, keyboard player Dan Hemmer and Kasper Foss on drums.

German gigs in August of 2003 saw Tramp putting in a run of supports to ZZ TOP. The closing show of these run, in Tramp's home town of Copenhagen, saw the recording of a live album 'Rock n' Roll Alive'. With rumours of a much vaunted WHITE LION reunion faltering, apparently set to feature the RATT and WHITESNAKE credited WARREN DE MARTINI on guitar, Tramp set out on the road in Australia once more, performing bar and club gigs in April and May of 2004.

European gigs throughout October saw Tramp employing Texan guitarist Lance Keltner and the Danish rhythm section of Claus Langeskov on bass and Kasper Foss on drums. Coinciding with these shows would be the release of an archive collection of demoed and previously unreleased tracks entitled 'Songs I Left Behind'. In November the singer announced the issue of a limited edition, six CD box set entitled 'The Bootleg Series'. This collection included pre-WHITE LION material from STUDS and DANISH LIONS plus early WHITE LION demos, the original recordings for the 'Pride' album, 'Big Game' demos and 'Mane Attraction' demos.

Billed as TRAMP'S WHITE LION Mike Tramp took out his new band to tour North America commencing in February of 2005.

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