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One of the founding fathers of the Finnish Doom genre. SPIRITUS MORTIS, originally entitled RIGOR MORTIS, came together in Alavus during 1987 by the Maijala sibling duo of bassist / vocalist Teemu and guitarist Jussi. V.P. Rapo was intended initially as a temporary stand in drummer but his role would become permanent. Upon discovering the already established American Metal band RIGOR MORTIS a name switch to SPIRITUS MORTIS was duly adopted. The group bowed in with the 1990 promotional tape 'At The Halls Of Death'. A succession of demos ensued including December 1997's 'Ars Moriendi' session but, splintered by the military draft, the band nearly fizzled out in the late 90s.

Getting back into gear the band enrolled lead vocalist Tomi Murtomäki but soon enrolled Vesa Lampi in early 2000 as a permanent frontman. Lampi had previously been vocalist / bassist for WORROAR as well as guitar player in KHARON. With this line up SPIRITUS MORTIS created the simply billed 'Demo 2000'. A further change in personnel occurred when V.P., actually citing guitar as his instrument of first choice, opted to manouevre to the guitar role as the band roped in Veli-Matti Yli-Mäyry as their new drummer. This version of SPIRITUS MORTIS cut the 2001 demo tape 'Forward To The Battle'. The band are planning a debut album for 2002 release.

Lampi also busied himself as frontman for NORMAALIMÄKI. Drummer Veli-Matti Yli-Mäyry bowed out during April of 2003. SPIRITUS MORTIS signed with Greek label Black Lotus for a 2006 album 'Fallen'.

SPIRITUS MORTIS in January 2009 announced the addition of singer Sami Hynninen (a.k.a. Albert Witchfinder) of REVEREND BIZARRE and THE PURITAN, to the group's ranks. SPIRITUS MORTIS released a new single, featuring the tracks 'When The Wind Howled With A Human Voice' and 'Waiting For The Sun', on 18th March.

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