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FINLAND, Hämeenlinna

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Death Metal


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CADACROSS started life as a straightforward Death Metal band upon their inception in 1997. The founding line-up comprised guitarist Georg Laakso, drummer Janne Salo, bassist Jarkko Lemmetty and guitarist Tommi Saari. A demo 'Bloody War' put together the following year would apparently prove so disillusioning the band halted activities and opted for a complete re-think. In 1999, maintaining his footing with CADACROSS, Georg Laasko joined TURISAS. When they reconvened a more melodic Metal approach was decided upon, adding keyboard player Mathias Nygård, frontman of TURISAS, as evidence of this. In this guise CADACROSS recorded a full album's worth of material dubbed 'So Pale Is The Light'.

SVARTMOOR frontman Sami Aarnio would be installed as lead vocalist in 2000. Guitarist Tommi Saari would bail out signalling what would be for CADACROSS just the start of many line-up fluxs. Tino Aloha of Folk Metal band TURISAS took Saari's place but then Nygard decamped. The keyboard role would be handed over to Olli Laitola. Fortunately the group was picked up by Low Frequency Records in January of 2001 to issue 'So Pale Is The Light' on CD.

The same June drummer Janne Salo bade his farewell, being replaced by Kimmo Miettinen (a.k.a. Mor Vethor) of ARTHEMESIA, ENSIFERUM and DARK REFLECTIONS repute. Laitala was the next casualty, keyboards next delegated to TURISAS man Antti Ventola. CADACROSS cut a new album, 'The Northern Crown', for 2002 release through Low Frequency Records. New recruits that year would be second vocalist Jukka Salo and ARTHEMESIA and ENSIFERUM bassist Jukka-Pekka Miettinen (a.k.a. Mor Voryon).

CADACROSS entered Steeltrack Studios in Hämeenlinna in May of 2004 in order to cut their third opus. During 2005 Tino Ahola forged a new Power Metal band billed TIMEKEEPER.

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