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FINLAND, Helsinki

Date Formed 1989

Categories: Death Metal


One of Finland's earliest Death Metal combos, now noted for having included a pre-AMORPHIS guitarist Tomi Koivusaari in the ranks. The Helsinki group, operating in a proto Death-Grind style, was founded by the erstwhile DISASTER trio of vocalist Jukka 'Shrike' Kolehmainen, guitarist Kalle Mattsson, and bassist Jussi 'Juice' Ahlroth. These three would be joined by drummer Kimmo Heikkinen and the VIOLENT DISASTER credited Tomi Koivusaari.

As DISASTER morphed into ABHORRENCE during 1989, the demo 'Vulgar Necrolatry' would be recorded in early February 1990. The band would sign to the US Seraphic Decay label for a blue vinyl single, 'Pestilential Mists' issued in July, these sessions being produced by STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo T. Tollki. Another pressing was released on grey vinyl with black and green artwork. However, ABHORRENCE would be vocal in their condemnation of this imprint in later years. In August 1990 the rehearsal demo 'Macabre Masquerade' saw release.

Toward the close of ABHORRENCE's career drums were in the hands of Mikael 'Arkki' Arnkil of ANTIDOTE repute. However, just one year after their formation the band splintered. Koivusaari had already by this stage activated AMORPHIS, offering Kolehmainen a chance at the vocal position, an offer he declined. Relapse Records in the USA, unaware of the demise of ABHORRENCE, offered an album contract some six months later to which Koivusaari, and AMORPHIS, replied.

Post ABHORRENCE Jukka Kolehmainen became a DJ, operating his own 'Stoner Hands Of Doom' club night, and a journalist for 'Suomi Finland Perkele Metal' magazine. He would also contribute lyrics to the track 'Adoration Of Abscessed Cadavers' on the debut FUNEBRARUM album. Ahlroth joined SPIHA for a brief term whilst Arnkil continued on with ANTIDOTE before joining IMPALED NAZARENE as a bass player.

The ABHORRENCE 7" single of 1990 'Pestilential Mists' combined with the demo of the same year 'Vulgar Necrolatry' would witness a CD re-release as a split single shared with the early AMORPHIS demo 'Disment Of Souls'.

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