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FINLAND, Helsinki

Date Formed 2006

Categories: Heavy Metal, Power Metal


The Suomen Musiikki label issued the debut album from AMBERIAN DAWN, 'River Of Tuoni', in January 2008. Formulated during 2006, the band had previously released a self-titled promo CD, recorded at Rockstar Productions studio in Hyvinkää, that same year. The group involved a welter of high profile talent, initially comprising former ICONOFEAR singer Heidi Parviainen, also having AGONIA credentials, guitarist / keyboard player Tuomas Seppälä, of ATHEME ONE, VIRTUOCITY and TWISTED SILENCE, rhythm guitarist Sampo Seppälä, also from ATHEME ONE, bassist Tommi Kuri, of ATHEME ONE and VIRTUOCITY, plus drummer Heikki Saari, a veteran of VIRTUOCITY, ATHEME ONE, NORTHER, FORCE MAJUERE and TUONI.

Line-up changes saw the addition of Kasperi Heikkinen, of GUARDIANS OF MANKIND, MERGING FLARE, GAMMA RAY, ICONOFEAR and ELENIUM, keyboard player Tom Sagar, of ATHEME ONE, plus drummer Joonas Pykälä-Aho, of ATHEME ONE, LATHSPELL and THAUROROD.

In November 2008 THAUROROD guitarist Emil Pohjalainen joined the fold. Other changes in the formation saw guitarist Tuomas Seppälä switching to the keyboard role as Tom Sagar opted out.

AMBERIAN DAWN returned in 2009 with the album 'The Clouds Of Northland Thunder'.

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