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FINLAND, Helsinki

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Death Metal


Helsinki technical Death Metal band AMORAL features bassist Ville Seponpoika Sorvali, also active with AHTI, MAY WITHERS and MOONSORROW. The group was assembled during 1996 by guitarist Ben Varon and drummer Juhana Karlsson, subsequently adding second guitarist Silver Ots and vocalist Matti Pitkänen. AMORAL debuted with the demo 'Desolation' in 2001, after which Niko Kalliojärvi the vocal role and Sorvali was added on bass for a second demo entitled 'Other Flesh' the following year. With Sorvali injured, Tomy Laisto of MORBID FLESH stood in on bass temporarily for AMORAL's showing at the June 2003 'Rocklinna Metalfest' event.

The band signed to the UK based Rage Of Achilles label for a debut album 'Wound Creations', recorded at Sonic Pump Studios and issued in May of 2004. The band parted ways with bassist Ville Sorvali just prior to this, his MOONSORROW commitments having taken pecedence. However, the band and its new label would quickly sever ties "due to financial problems", as AMORAL signed a new deal with Spikefarm Records to issue 'Wound Creations'.

AMORAL, OMNIUM GATHERUM, ELENIUM, MANITOU and KIUAS united for the November 2004 'Dead Achilles' tour of Finland.

On 5th January 2005 Ben, Juffi, Erkki, Niko and Silver gathered with Finland's Metal community at Helsinki's Rock 'n' Roll Station to pay homage to the recently murdered PANTERA / DAMAGEPLAN guitarist Darrell 'Dimebag' Abbott by forming up a one off PANTERA tribute band DIMEN NIMEEN ("In Dime's Name!"). Musicians featured in this collective included Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala of CHILDREN OF BODOM, Atte Sarkima from AJATARRA, Tony Jelencovich of TRANSPORT LEAGUE, Petteri Hirvanen and Nicke of MONSTERBALL, Toni, Pete, Kride and Jukkis of NORTHER, Nico, Euge and OJ from GODSPLAGUE amongst many others.

Throughout March and April 2005 the group undertook European touring packaged with FINNTROLL and Italians GRAVEWORM. The group would act as openers for DARK FUNERAL's February 2006 tour.

AMORAL booked Hämeenlinna Sound Supreme Studios in February 2007 to cut a new album. The following month the group put in Italian dates partnered with GORY BLISTER.

The album 'Show Us Your Colours' emerged on 6th May 2009 in Finland, on 9th June in the USA through Spinefarm Records and on 22nd July via Avalon Marquee Records in Japan. An opening single, 'Year Of The Suckerpunch' backed by a cover version of the MISFITS song 'Dig Up Her Bones', entered the national Finnish charts at number 19.

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