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Helsinki's melodic Death Metal band MYGRAIN was established during 2004, comprising singer Tommyboy, previously with WHAT, MOOD and the NEW SCIENCE BAND, guitarist Resistor, ex-GRIND, NEW SCIENCE BAND, SHAOLIN and SNEAKRAID, and Matthew, formerly also with MOOD and NEW SCIENCE RAID, bass player Jonas Kuhlberg, keyboard player Eve Kojo from EMBERS LEFT and ABLAZE IN HATRED with DJ Locomotive on the drums, an erstwhile member of ... AND OCEANS, DECEIVED and TERRORWHEEL. A first set of demos was recorded in November 2004. A second set, dubbed, 'The Red Frame', followed in April 2005 and scored a label deal with Spinefarm Records. Debut album 'Orbit Dance', issued in April 2006, was recorded at Sound Supreme studio with producer Janne Saksa.

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