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FINLAND, Helsinki

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Heavy Metal, Power Metal


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Power Metal band founded by lead vocalist Kimberly Goss, having previously carved a reputation as a keyboard player and vocalist with acts such as Chicago Doomsters AVERNUS in 1995, Norway's ANCIENT, DIMMU BORGIR for live work and Swedish pioneers THERION. Goss was born in Los Angeles in February 1978 and owes her distinctive looks to an American mother, an accomplished Jazz singer, and Korean father.

Her tenure in AVERNUS was conducted when only fifteen years old and Goss' journey to Oslo in Norway, drawn by her fascination for the rising tide of extreme Metal emanating from this country, took place when only seventeen. Here she swiftly joined ANCIENT, appearing on the June 1996 offering 'The Cainian Chronicle'. Hooking up with THERION, Goss put in concert work to support the 'Theli' album. SINERGY was first mooted in August 1997 when Goss, then on tour in Europe with DIMMU BORGIR, discussed the proposal with Jesper Strömblad of IN FLAMES. Goss toured with CHILDREN OF BODOM in 1998, substituting temporarily for Janne Wirman. However, due to each others hectic schedules the idea of the new band remained on the backburner until Goss relocated to Sweden.

Bass for the new venture was in the hands of Sharlee D'Angelo (Charles Andreason), a veteran of MERCYFUL FATE, WITCHERY and ARCH ENEMY. The band's original drummer was Ronny Milianowicz of SATURNINE and FALCON whilst guitars came courtesy of THY SERPENT, IMPALED NAZARENE and CHILDREN OF BODOM man Alexi Laiho. This quintet utilised Studio Fredman during October 1998 and SINERGY was officially inaugurated in June 1999 with the Fredrik Nordström produced album 'Beware The Heavens', scoring an immediate high profile and strong European sales. Interestingly, Laiho had injected melodies from the pre-CHILDREN OF BODOM track 'Translucent Image', which featured on INEARTHED's 1995 demo 'Ubiquitous Absence Of Remission', into the album title track. Fans also picked up on the track 'The Warrior Princess', an obvious homage to the Xena / Lucy Lawless TV show character.

Whilst waiting on the arrival of 'Beware The Heavens' Goss had moved base to Finland, necessitating the recruitment of a fresh band roster. The group cut its teeth onstage in Japan, in union with CHILDREN OF BODOM and IN FLAMES, shortly after the album release, Goss and Laiho being joined for this expedition by the veteran figure of STONE, LATVALA BROS and WALTARI guitarist Roope Latvala, TAROT bassist Marco Hietala and TO/DIE/FOR drummer Tommi Lillmann. Jesper Strömblad also contributed on guitar. Former band member Milianowicz duly created the Symphonic Metal act DIONYSUS with LORD BYRON and LUCA TURILLI vocalist Olaf Hayer and NATION members Johnny Ȫhlin and bassist Magnus Norberg.

SINERGY debuted live in Europe supporting METALIUM and PRIMAL FEAR in Europe during 1999. Session keyboards on the band's early dates came courtesy of Erna Siikavarta. SINERGY retained this fresh line-up for the second album 'To Hell And Back', recorded at Astia Studios, as joining Goss once again were Roope Latvala, Marco Hietala and Tommi Lillmann. The album, released in June 2000, included a twisted cover of the BLONDIE hit 'Hanging On The Telephone' with Japanese copies adding exclusive track 'Invincible', a cover of the 80s PAT BENATAR hit. Another somewhat unexpected take on a Pop classic came with the band's interpretation of ABBA's 'Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)', donated to a Nuclear Blast tribute collection. Both Goss and Latvala would take time out to session on the 2000 debut 'Unknown Soldier' album by WARMEN.

As Laiho's commitments to the increasingly successful CHILDREN OF BODOM took precedence, for live work SINERGY pulled in second guitarist Peter Huss. This combination toured to promote 'To Hell And Back' supporting NIGHTWISH. Drummer Tommi Lillman, after recording the third album 'Suicide By My Side' sessions, parted ways with the band in August 2001. He would be replaced by Mats Karlsson, a veteran of TEARS OF SAHARA. However, this latest recruit would decamp for SEVENTH ONE shortly after these recording sessions. New man on the drum stool would be Janne Parviainen, a seasoned campaigner citing a tradition with WALTARI, ZWANZIGER, JIMSONWEED and, as 'Abyssir', BARATHRUM.

Hietala would team up with NIGHTWISH, replacing the departed bassist Sami Vänskä, during October of 2001. Along with TAROT colleague and keyboard player Janne Tolsa would also convene a 2001 endeavour dubbed VIRTUOCITY. Other players in this project included Jaska Raatikainen of CHILDREN OF BODOM, Jaron Sebastian Raven and Peter James Goodman.

'Suicide By My Side', launched in February 2002, hit number 11 on the Finnish charts and displayed a far more aggressive edge to Goss' vocals. That was not the only reason to celebrate, as the Goss / Laiho alliance had obviously gelled on a more personal plane, the two getting married that same month. The Toy's Factory label in Japan issued the album adding a cover rendition of IRON MAIDEN's 'Number Of The Beast'.

SINERGY's line-up tribulations continued into 2002 as in May bassist Marco Hietala was let go, temporarily being replaced by session musician Lauri Porra of TUNNELVISION and WARMEN. Japanese dates in June with Brazilians ANGRA would be preceded by SINERGY guitarists Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala conducting three ESP guitar clinics in Japan. The following month Melanie Sisneros, previously with NEW EDEN and RAVEN MAD, would be added to the line up. Sisneros is also famed for her role as 'Stephanie Harris' in the renowned tribute band IRON MAIDENS. However, by October Sisneros was out of the picture and Lauri Porra took command of bass once again. Sisneros joined CRESCENT SHIELD in 2003, the new band assembled by erstwhile ONWARD singer Michael Grant.

SINERGY announced an extensive run of European tour dates thoughout November and December co-headlining with DARK TRANQUILITY with openers GRIFFIN. The SINERGY duo of guitarist Roope Latvala and bass player Lauri Porra would be found active on the covers circuit in 2003 as part of the CRAZY TRAIN OF MIKA JÄRVINEN, a unit which also comprised FIVE FIFTEEN vocalist Mika Järvinen, ex-STONE guitarist Jiri Jalkanen and drummer Mika Karppinen (a.k.a. Gas Lipstick of H.I.M.). Roope Latvala joined CHILDREN OF BODOM as session live guitarist in August of 2003.

Lauri Porra forged a project band in 2004 entitled GASHOUSE GARDEN, comprising such scene notables as NORTHER guitarist Kristian Ranta, CRAYDAWN guitarist Jaakko Teittinen and CHILDREN OF BODOM drummer Jaska Raatikainen. Heading up the band would be female singer Mertsa, located whilst singing AC/DC covers with her band CHINA CAT.

Kimberley Goss guested on THE WICKED's second album in early 2004, contributing a guest vocal markedly different from her usual style. Laiho and ex-SINERGY man Tommi Lillman would also be embarking on side ventures, founding KYLÄHULLUT, or "village idiot", alongside lead singer on Finnish punk band KLAMYDIA Vesa Jokinen. The band issued the 'Keisarinleikkaus' EP in May 2004.

SINERGY marked a return to the recording studio to assemble their fourth album 'Sins Of Our Past'. The album had been compiled at various stages throughout 2004, laying down bass and drums at Finnvox Studios with the remainder at Janne Wirman from CHILDREN OF BODOM's Beyond Abilities Studios. Lauri Porra joined STRATOVARIUS as their new bassist in June. Parviainen enrolled himself into the ranks of ENSIFERUM in September 2005.

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