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Ähtäri melodic Death Metal band NOUMENA features frontman Antti Haapanen of FALMERS, EMULAATTORI SHEOL and CONSPIRACY WITHIN, guitarist Ville Lamminaho, previously of CADAVERS, EMULAATTORI, CONSPIRACY WITHIN and INFERION, second guitarist Tuukka Tuomela of INFERION and CONSPIRACY WITHIN, bass player Hannu Savolainen from CONSPIRACY WITHIN and ex-FALMERS, EMULAATTORI, CADAVERS and INFERION drummer Ilkka Unnbom.

NOUMENA was assembled in 1998, releasing their first demo 'Aeons', recorded at Studio Etnovox by produce Jruha Remsu, in June that same year. The 'For The Fragile One' follow up arrived in 1999. The group scored a deal with a label from Singapore but, whilst cutting tracks for an intended first album, they learned their record company had gone under. That November the group entered Astia Studios with Anssi Kippo and Jussi Jauhiainen behind the desk to cut more demo tracks. The 'Sala' session followed during April 2001, recorded by Arttu Sarvanne and Pekka Nurmi at Studio Watercastle. Australian label Catharsis Records picked up the archive 1999 tracks for issue as the 'Pride / Fall' album released in August 2002.

NOUMENA demoed again in 2004, crafting 'The Tempter' at Studio Tuononen and Old Man's Inn studios. Spikefarm Records released the 'Absence' album, laid down at Savonlinna's Sundi Coop studios, in 2005. NOUMENA utilised Savonlinna's Sundi Coop once again for recording of their third full-length album, 'Anatomy Of Life', in June 2006 via Spikefarm Records.

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