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A Christian Death Metal act, founded in 1993 and based out of Jyväskylä. DEUTERONOMIUM's second album 'Here To Stay' is highly revered among certain circles. The band, featuring ex-CATHACOMB members, began life with a line-up of drummer Jarno Lehtinen, vocalist / guitarist Miika Partala, bass player Manu Lehtinen and Tapio Laakjo debuting with a 1993 demo 'Paths Of Righteousness'. A second session 'Crosshope' in 1996 led to recording of the 'Tribal Eagle' EP. This latter session would be recorded with session drummer Johnny Pesonen. Upon completion of 'Tribal Eagle' DEUTERONOMIUM enlisted drummer J.J. Kontoniemi and second guitarist Kalle Paju.

The first album 'Street Corner Queen', released in May of 1998, proved remarkable for not only pushing a Christian message but also brewing a heady mixture of sounds as diverse as Black Metal and Reggae! Manu Lehtinen would also be making a name for himself as owner of leading Christian Metal label Little Rose Productions. 'Here To stay' arrived in 1999 and interest in the band was strong enough to re-issue 'Street Corner queen', the revised version adding not only the 'Tribal Eagle' tracks but also a cover of ONE BAD PIG's 'Red River'.

Following the 'Here To Stay' DEUTERONOMIUM were down to a duo of guitarist Kalle Paju and bassist Manu Lehtinen. Apparently the band splintered due various band members struggles to maintain a Christian lifestyle. As lead vocalist, Manu Lehtinen subsequently founded the Finnish language Metal band VASKIKÄÄRME in league with guitarists Ville Hämäläinen and Mikko Korpiaho, bassist Jaakko Leinonen and drummer Miika Erkkilä. DEUTERONOMIUM drummer J.J. Kontoniemi would be active with both ICON CLAN and IX SYNDICATE. Miika Partala would front up Punk band NO MAN'S LAND.

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