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FINLAND, Kaarina

Date Formed 1989
Date Disbanded 1997

Categories: Dark Metal, Dark Wave, Death Metal



Studio Session Members


Wistful Finnish Rock charged with a grandiose Darkwave feel, strings and female backing vocals. DECORYAH, although dating back to 1989, only released their debut demo 'Whispers From The Depth' in 1992. A second demo, entitled 'Cosmos Silence', was recorded over three days in December 1992 at ECI-Sound Studio in Turku and released in January the following year. This tape provoked attention from Switzerland's Witchhunt Records prompting a 7" single release. The album 'Wisdom Floats', issued in June 1994, would be recorded at ECI-Sound Studios with engineer Erkki Kujala.

By the recording of their 1996 Metal Blade Records debut, 'Fall Dark Waters', DECORYAH was down to a trio of Jukka Vuorinen on vocals and guitars, Jani Kakko on guitar and drummer Mikko Laine. An array of session musicians embellished the grand scale of the album with strings and female backing vocals. Contributing would be former member Jonne Valtonen sessioning on keyboards, Piritta Vainio on vocals, Maria Aspelund on viola, Sini Koivuniemi with female vocals and flute, Karolina Olin with female vocals and violin and cellist Anna Pursiheimo.

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