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Date Formed 1994

Categories: Black Metal


THYRANE began life as THORNMOON in 1994. Mentor Blastmor would eject early members due to a "lack of comprehension" then recruit all new members in guitarist Avather, NOCTURNAL ARTS six stringer Daemon and bass player R. Grönholm as the band became THYRANE for the demo 'Black Harmony'. These sessions would eventually see the light of day as a 7" single release too. Ex-THYRANE man Hornanvasar would join WRATHAGE on drums.

THYRANE would release the 1999 'Symphonies Of Infernality' album after which Grönholm bade his farewell. This move necessitated Daemon shifting to bass guitar to cover the gap. In November of 2001 THYRANE would put on a lengthy tour of Europe billed alongside ANCIENT and STORMLORD. T. Kristian.K (a.k.a. Toni Kostiainen) of FLEGETON, YEARNING, SAATTUE and CARCASE INC. would act as live drummer.

The 'Black Harmony' EP would be re-released in October 2001 by Spikefarm as a split CD shared with THE DEAD BEGINNERS, just upfront of a third full length album 'Spirit Of Rebellion'. THYRANE's 2003 album 'Hypnotic' would see a May release in Finland on the Spikefarrm label and a European license to the German Century Media concern.

Blastmor also resides as a drummer in Death Metal band DEATHBOUND. Guitarist Avather joined MAPLE CROSS in February of 2004. THRANE re-drafted drummer Kristonic (a.k.a. T. Kristian) in August. THYRANE parted ways with Avather due to "personal reasons" in January of 2005. Recording at at Tico-Tico studios in Kemi, Finland during March and May the band set 'Travesty Of Heavenly Essence' as a working title for a new album, issued via Spikefarm in November.

THYRANE folded in June 2006.

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