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FINLAND, Kokkola

Date Formed 1991

Categories: Christian Metal, Death Metal



A Finnish melodic Death Metal act, IMMORTAL SOULS was convened in late 1991 by the Särkioja brothers vocalist / bassist Aki and guitarist Esa. The latter is also active with INHUMAN and, alongside guitarist Pete Loisa, with WHATEVER. Aki Särkioja's history witnessed membership of such acts as HOPE, THE WOLVES, THE RIGGS, CATHACOMB, VIIS VEIS, DBM and D.O.D.

IMMORTAL SOULS, pulling in drummer Jupe Hakola, issued the opening demo 'Vision Of Hell' in 1993. The new face of Atti Nykyri would be manning the drums for the follow up 'Immortal Souls' in 1995 but Hakola returned for the 1997 set 'Reflections Of Doom'.

Signing to the Dutch Fear The Dark label IMMORTAL SOULS issued the 'Ice Upon The Night' album, recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, in March 2003. Dates in Germany and Holland followed and the group also scored a placing at the prestigious 'Tuska' festival. The band licensed then 'Ice Upon The Night' album to Facedown Records for US release. With Jupe Hakola resigning, IMMORTAL SOULS inducted Jukka-Pekka Koivisto, of STORM OPERA and SILENT VOICES, as their new drummer in March 2004.

Fear Dark issued the compilation 'Once Upon A Time In The North' during August 2005. The June 2007 'Wintereich' album, released by Dark Balance and recorded at Studio Watercastle in Jyväskylä by Arttu Sarvanne, featured an IMMORTAL SOULS membership comprising Aki Särkioja, Esa Särkioja, Pete Loisa and drummer Juha Kronqvist. European tour dates were conducted alongside fellow Finns DEUTERONOMIUM in December 2008.

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