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Categories: Black Metal


BAPTISM was formed in Kuopio during 1998 by Lord Sargofagian, citing credits with CALVARIUM, SATANIC WARMASTER, YMIR, VALONSURMA and TROTZREICH, alongside Demonium on drums, debuting that same year with the demo 'Satanic Rituals'. The follow up 'Sons Of Ruin & Terror' arrived in 2000. Kadotus Molestor had been employed to cover bass on a session basis but in 2001 his place was taken by Slaughterer. The band signed to the Northern Heritage Productions label for debut album 'The Beherial Midnight', recorded at Boneyard Studio in Lappeenranta and limited edition of 1000 copies.

The September 2002 debut 'The Beherial Midnight' would also see a vinyl gatefold re-issue, being limited to just 500 copies. BAPTISM included a track on the Northern Heritage productions 10" vinyl, six way split album 'Primitive Finland' of 2003 alongside ANNIHILATUS, INCRIMINATED, CLANDESTINE BLAZE, BLOODHAMMER and BLASPHEMOUS EVIL. Northern Heritage weighed in with a second album, 'Wisdom & Hate', in 2004. the band also shared a split 7" single with fellow Finns UNCREATION'S DAWN 'Countenance Carved By Centuries'. That same year Lord Sargofagian emerged as a member of BLACK DEATH RITUAL.

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