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Date Formed 1990

Categories: Black Metal


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Kuopio Black Metal band BARATHRUM, originally titled DARKFEAST, first surfaced with the 1990 tape 'Darkfeast'. The band has entrenched itself in the rawest, coldest corner of the black metal fringes, pulling members from a variety of local metal acts to forge BARATHRUM. More successfully than many of their corpse-painted counterparts, the group has successfully retained the complete anonymity of many of its earlier contingent. In keeping with the volatile nature of the genre, BARATHRUM has endured an unceasing fluidity in its roster of players yet throughout this chaos has purposefully adhered to a long time strategy. This would only be revealed after more than a decade's body of album works was found to found to initiate, by the first letter of each record, the legend “Heil Sova”.

After the eponymous demo, DARKFEAST capitalised on this with the 'From Black Flames To Witchcraft' session. Rehearsal session 'Hail Satan' was distributed in April 1991. A further effort, the seven track 'Witchmaster', recorded by Janne 'Demonos' Sova on vocals and bass, an erstwhile member of Kuusamo Thrashers MORPHOSIS, guitarist Aki Hytönen and drummer Ilu and produced by Holocausto of BEHERIT, followed in November 1991.

Taking on the new title of BARATHRUM the band then boosted the guitar contingent with the addition of Jetblack Roima prior to Hytönen's departure, the ex-guitarist forging DEMILICH. The band then fractured as Demonos Sova rebuilt BARATHRUM by drawing in new guitarists Niko and Neva. This last recruit would not last the pace into 1992 as the group trimmed back to a trio. Parallel to BARATHRUM, both Sova and Roima would also be active in DEMONOS JETBLACK, publishing demos 'Ange De La Mort' and 'Necro Sodomy'. The singer also divided his time with solo concerns, FALL, cutting the demo 'Demon Black Demon', and KIROUS, releasing the 'Blaspheme' tape.

Further BARATHRUM demo sessions included March 1992's Sami Jansen produced 'Battlecry' and 1993's 'Sanctus Satanas' and 'Sactissime Colere Satanas' building their reputation. The latter sessions were originally intended to be issued as part of a split album release through an American label but the group withdrew from the project. The 1993 BARATHRUM formation would predictably host a new set of players, Sova now in union with guitarist Bloodbeast and drummer Necronom Dethstrike. Before the year was out further switches in personnel saw Infernus, of FLAME and URN, enrolling on bass and the exit of Dethstrike and in October a two track demo, 'Soaring Up From Hell', was laid down. That same month BARATHRUM cut seven tracks for an intended demo dubbed 'War Metal', but this material was not made public. Temporarily, Sova took command of the drums before the addition of second guitarist Reaper Sklethnor and drummer Destrukkktorr. This version of BARATHRUM would last into 1994 until the radical step of adding a third bassist, Crowl, was decided upon. However, his tenure would be brief.

BARATHRUM splintered once again and by 1995 was sporting a trio line-up comprising Sova, Infernus and the FLAME and URN credited drummer Pimeä (a.k.a. Blackspirit666) and signing to the German Nazgûl's Eyrie Productions concern issued the album 'Hailstorm', recorded at Perkele Studio, in April. The group upgraded to a quartet by adding guitarist Sulphar for November 1995's 'Eerie' album. Also issued onto the underground trading scene, in May 1996, would be a rehearsal demo dubbed 'Bride Of Lucifer'. The 'Infernal' album set followed in May 1997 but that same year Infernus departed and Demonos Sova took over his position on bass. Sova would also busy himself as a member of WIZZARD.

With the collapse of Nazgûl's Eyrie Productions, BARATHRUM toured Finland on a package billing with BABYLON WHORES, WIZZARD and HORNA during late 1997. Frozen Lands Productions issued the 7" 'Jetblack' single, limited to the obligitary 666 copies, whilst a demo session entitled 'Devilry' soon secured a new deal with renowned Finnish label Spinefarm for June 1998's 'Legions Of Perkele' opus, crafting these tracks with producer Ahti Kortelainen at Tico Tico Studio in Kemi.

A major split in the ranks saw Sulphar and Pimeä decamping to join erstwhile member Infernus in THE URN. New faces in the BARATHRUM camp were guitarist Anathemalignant, bassist G'Thaur and the MY DARKWOODS BETROTHED credited drummer Natasett. However, by the time of recording the July 1999 'Sataana' album Demonos and G'Thaur had been joined by FINNTROLL's Beast Dominator (Samu Ruotsalainen) on drums, THY SERPENT and FINNTROLL guitarist Somnium (Teemu Raimoranta) and second guitarist Warlord. For the subsequent tour Anathemalignent made his return ousting Warlord and Nuklear Tormentor took the bass role. The AHTI, MOONSORROW and FINNTROLL credited keyboard player Trollhorn (Henry Sorvali) also sessioned.

Members of BARATHRUM allied themselves with their cohorts in THY SERPENT to found SHAPE OF DESPAIR issuing the 'Shades Of...' album in 2000. In August that year BARATHRUM issued the 'Okkult' album.

The official band roster for 2002 stood at Demonos Sova on vocals and bass, the guitar pairing of Anathemalignant and Pelcepoop, second bassist Nuklear Tormentörr, third bassist G'Thaur with Abyssir (a.k.a. Janne Parviainen of SINERGY, JIMSONWEED, WALTARI, ZWANZIGER and SINERGY) on the drums. The next stage in BARATHRUM's strategy, 'Venomous', emerged in December 2002, backed by a limited edition single release 'Black Flames And Blood' sporting a B-side cover version of MANOWAR's 'Kill With Power'.

The BARATHRUM camp suffered an enormous tragedy when ex-member Teemu 'Somnium' Raimoranta died on 16th March 2003 at the exceptionally young age of just 25. Apparently the guitarist suffered fatal injuries from a fall off Helsinki's Pitkäsilta bridge onto ice below. Conjecture at first pointed toward an accident although later eye witness reports suggested the musician's actions were voluntary. On the 25th, FINNTROLL, BARATHRUM, IMPALED NAZARENE and ENSIFERUM conducted a memorial concert to honour Raimoranta at Helsinki's Nosturi venue. For further live work, the SINERGY and TO/DIE/FOR credited Tommi Lillman deputised in Germany during spring 2003 although Abyssir returned in May. In keeping with their grand game plan, BARATHRUM would reportedly be working on a swansong album release entitled 'Antikristus Neutronstar' later that year. This title would be switched to 'Anno Aspera 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth'.

Anathemalignant decamped in July 2004 as the 'Anno Aspera 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth' finally witnessed a much delayed release through Spinefarm in January 2005. BARATHRUM welcomed aboard another new apprentice in February, guitarist Daimos666 (a.k.a. Aki Järvinen or alternately Zildja'h Daimos) of NIGHTSIDE, FUNERAL FEAST, GORETORTURE and SHADOWS OF SUNSET. Drummer Janne Parviainen joined ENSIFERUM in September 2005.

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