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Date Formed 2001

Categories: Thrash Metal


Kuopio based, aggressive Death / Thrash act DEATHCHAIN began life in late 1997 billed as WINTERWOLF. In this prior guise the band issued the January 2000 demo 'Death...Will Come Your Way' and the January 2001 follow up 'Blood For Death'. Band mentor and frontman Corpse opted to reconstitute the band at this juncture, bringing in Bobby in guitar, Kuolio in bass and Kassara in drums under the revised banner of DEATHCHAIN. In early 2002 DEATHCHAIN entered S. Jämsen's Studios in Perkele to record the demo 'Poltergeist'. Upon completion of these sessions the band enrolled vocalist Tommi "Rotten" Virranta. 'Poltergeist' landed the band a deal with the Finnish label Dynamic Arts Records. Guitarist Nuclear Corpse also sessioned lead vocals on TWISTED SILENCE's 2002 demos.

Debut album 'Deadmeat Disciples', once again cut in S. Jämsen's Studios, would be recorded in the Autumn of 2003 for a release early the next year. DEATHCHAIN drummer Lauri Rytkönen would also operate as 'LRH' with TROLLHEIM'S GROTT and Black Metal band BLACK DEATH RITUAL. During 2005 Corpse was also operational with DEMILICH.

European DEATHCHAIN dates in November 2005, promoting the 'Deathrash Assault' album, which debuted on the Finnish charts at number 18, had the band supporting Swedish Doom veterans CANDLEMASS and German Thrashers DESTRUCTION.

In October 2006 DEATHCHAIN announced they had re-signed with Dynamic Arts Records for a third album dubbed 'Cult Of Death'. The band was forced to cancel their November 25th show at the Gloria venue in Helsinki when guitarist B. Undertaker was taken ill, suffering from heart infection and bronchitis.

DEATHCHAIN partnered with Industrialists TURMION KÄTILÖT for Finnish shows in April 2007. Subsequently the band parted ways with longtime guitarist Bobby Undertaker and replaced him with Cult.

The album 'Death Eternal' was recorded in May with producer Jari Tuomainen. Upon release in October the record entered the national Finnish charts at no. 13.

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