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SHADE EMPIRE is a Kuopio based, symphonic Black Metal band. In a former guise as ENRAPTURE SILENCE the group had included latter day IREVERRENCE guitarist Tero Liimatainen. SHADE EMPIRE issued demos 'Throne Of Eternal Night' in May 2000, 'Daemon' in June 2001, 'Essence Of Pain' in May 2002 and the 2004 session 'Sinthetic'. Bassist Eero Mantere would subsequently join IRREVERENCE. The group's debut album, 'Sinthetic', was released through Italian label Avantgarde Music in March 2004.

Contracting with Dynamic Arts, SHADE EMPIRE's May 2006 single 'Slitwrist Ecstasy' hit number three on the national Finnish charts. A line-up that same month saw the introduction of a new drummer, EpiDemic from DE LIRIUM'S ORDER. The album 'Intoxicate O.S.', produced by S. Jämsén at Studio Perkele, followed.

The 'Zero-Nexus' album saw release in March 2009.

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