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SARGEIST was formulated in Lappeenranta during 1999, initially as a solo endeavour of the RAVENING, MIRKHALL, BEHEXEN and HORNA credited Shatraug. Initial recordings dubbed 'Nockmaar' would be released on Shatraug's own label Warmoon Records in a limited edition of 111 copies. In 2000 a second demo, 'Heralding Breath Of The Pestilence' once more limited to 111 copies, featured erstwhile BLUTRACHE drummer Lord Volos. Both 'Nockmaar' and 'Heralding Breath Of The Pestilence' would subsequently compiled onto one cassette by Moribund Cult.

The project's first commercial outing would be the 2001 cassette EP 'Tyranny Returns', featuring Gorsedd Marter and Makha Karn as session players. SARGEIST included the track 'Rebirth of a Cursed Existence' on the Woodcut 'Jatkosota' compilation. The band issued a split 7" single 'Reaping With Curses And Plague' in collaboration with MERRIMACK in 2002. Signing to the German Morbid Records label the full length album 'Satanic Black Devotion' arrived in 2003, these sessions crediting a band line-up of Shatraug "Skourges & moonhowls", Hoath Torog (a.k.a. Marko) of LORDS OF THE LEFT HAND and BEHEXEN "Black tormented prayers" and Horns (Jari), also of LORDS OF THE LEFT HAND and BEHEXEN, "Funeral hammers".

A further split album 'In Ruin & Despair', on the Italian Hearse label, would be in collaboration with Denmark's HORNED ALMIGHTY in 2004. In September Paleur Mortelle Productions also published a split cassette shared with Japan's FUNERAL ELEGY whilst the Grievantee imprint released a split 7" single in union with TEMPLE OF BAAL.

The 2001 session, 'Tyranny Returns', was re-issued in 2005 by From Beyond Productions on vinyl format. This re-issue was clad in all new artwork and limited to 666 copies. Obscure Abhorrence Productions released a split 7" single shared with US act BAHIMIRON in May 2006.

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