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Date Formed 1997

Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom


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A multi-faceted act DOLORIAN, based in Oulu and previously entitled TEMPLES BEYOND, employ elements of Black and Death Metal slowed down to labouring Doom crawl. The band themselves describe their music as leaving the listener "spiritually cramped". Both drummer Ari Kukkohovi and vocalist Antti Ittna Haapapuro have credits with Black Metal act BLACK SWAN. Haapapuro also has affiliations with Dark Ambient project HALO MANASH, AEOGA and I. CORAX. DOLORIAN"s first recordings came in the form of a 1997 demo, these tracks embellished by keyboards from CATAMENIA's Heidi Riihinen. Subsequently keyboards were handled by Jussi Ontero of WILDCARD and GHOST MACHINERY.

Wounded Love Records, a subsidiary of Avantgarde Music, issued the album 'When All Laughter Has Gone', recorded at at Tico-Tico Studios, in 1999. The band stayed with Wounded Love a self-titled follow up, again cut at Tico-Tico, released during 2000. In February 2004 DOLORIAN shared a split 7" single with Swedish act SHINING through Selbstmord Services. That same year Jussi Ontero worked with BURNING POINT.

DOLORIAN returned in April 2006 with the album 'Voidwards'.

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